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Jared loves his job as a paramedic, loves hanging out with his friends, clubbing, and getting all dressed up in heels, make up, and shimmery clothing. He loves everything about his life, including frequent hook ups with hot guys.

Twenty-two year old Dan is in the National Guard, has very little experience with men, and just came out six months ago. He’s not interested in a meaningless hookup, but would like someone to spend his life with. When Dan’s friend Joseph introduces him to Jared one night at a karaoke bar, Dan is in awe of and lusts after the beautiful, long haired man.

They have one hot night together, but Jared is certainly not looking for a boyfriend or any type of exclusive relationship. Dan wants more, much more from Jared, but is willing to just be his friend in order to continue hanging out with him. Hanging out just as friends for weeks leaves them both conflicted and longing for more. Jared is drawn not only to Dan’s muscular build, but his caring and nurturing side as well. Dan is constantly startled and aroused by Jared’s club outfits, but his heart is lost to the man.

A violent event has Jared needing Dan in ways he never wanted to and allows the men to grow closer. Just as a relationship seems possible, Dan is called by the National Guard to assist in a natural disaster where his heroic acts might be his last.

This is the sixth and final book in the Uniform Encounters series. I have not read any of the others and was able to follow along on Dan’s and Jared’s journey. There are other men in the story from the other books and a reference to a former event that Dan was involved with. While this did not detract from Dan and Jared, at times I did wish I knew that side of the story, but the focus of this book is primarily on Dan and Jared.

Dan and Jared are attracted to each other immediately and it is entertaining getting to see Jared’s personality and fashion style emerge. Dan is just a nice guy, a really nice guy who falls hard for Jared, accepts all of him, and really just wants to take care of him. Their relationship grows slowly as friends as it takes Jared a while to come to terms that he is falling in love with Dan. Dan is very protective of Jared and Jared has never had anyone care for him the way Dan does. Sure if they had talked to each other they could have been together sooner, but Jared especially did need the time to figure it all out. Once they do acknowledge their feelings to themselves and then to each other, the guys have two traumatic events to deal with that in turn brings them closer.

Knight brings together two different and likable guys finding love in a story that is hot at times, sweet at times, well written, and an overall good read.

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