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What birthday gift does a sister get for her brother, the man who has everything? A trip to the exclusive Dragon’s Lair of course. Eryx is eagerly anticipating his vacation and seeing a dragon up close, but he really has to leave behind all of his electronic gadgets as they are not allowed in the closed world.

Once at Dragon’s Lair, he meets the exquisite Draguardian Jarah, a man who is guardian to the great dragon Adish. Acting on his desire for Jarah, Eryx has no concept of what he is actually doing. If only he had just read the trip information he carelessly tossed aside before he departed.

When the dragons and Jarah are in danger, Eryx protects them and subsequently learns some of the secrets of Dragon’s Lair. A different land, lush surroundings, and instant soul mate attraction leave Eryx with feelings he does not know how to communicate to the Draguardian whose home is on a different planet and who is committed to the life of protecting his dragon.

This book has an interesting premise of taking a vacation to another planet to truly get away from it all. Set somewhere in the future, we only know there is a shuttle launch to get to Dragon’s Lair and get one comment about it not being on Earth.

Eryx owns a company, but he is bored and a bit spoiled. He does not care enough about the place he is visiting to read the required information he has to sign off on, which could have saved him a whole lot of heartache. He only wants to see a dragon, although he thinks they will just be like large dogs. There is no further background given on him as most of the story takes place on Dragon’s Lair. There is instant, mate-like attraction between Eryx and Jarah, but they also develop feelings for each other during the time Eryx is on vacation. The narrative of the story flows well for the most part, although Eryx’s inner dialog is a bit stilted and formal in comparison.

The story is a shorter one and the love story between the men was even shortened by another story line of the dying species of dragons, poachers, talk of the Commonwealth, and dragon wills. The story tried to do a lot in a short amount of time and left a lot of unanswered questions, especially about Jarah and Dragon’s Lair. We never do learn how Jarah came to live there or what actually prompted him to devote his life to caring for dragons.

While the world building is not complete and there was perhaps too much going on for the length of the book, the story of the men falling in love and their time together on Dragon’s Lair is creative and in a unique setting.

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