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It been a week since Wolf Kincaid and Tristan Pryce managed to banish a murderous ghost from Tristan’s home, Hoxne Grange.  But the guys are apart following a big fight caused by a combination of some drugged baklava and Wolf’s anxiety about his strong feelings for Tristan. Now Wolf knows he needs to make up for his stupidity and get his man back.  And when his mother tells Wolf his cousin Sey needs help with a paranormal problem at her home, Wolf takes the opportunity to both apologize and take Tristan away for awhile.

When the guys arrive in San Luis Obispo, things are worse than they thought.  There is definitely a spirit haunting Sey’s home and she is an evil one. Tristan has always had the ability to see and even talk to ghosts, and something about his presence is definitely amplifying the evil specter’s energy.  The ghost is getting increasingly violent, attacking people and destroying things, and Wolf realizes he needs to call in reinforcements.

Help arrives in the form of one of the few family members who will still speak to Wolf. He was pretty much abandoned by his family when he decided to study parapsychology.  While Wolf just wants to be able to prove ghosts are real, most of his family sees his career as a betrayal to their ghost hunting (as well as some of their charlatan ways).  Wolf and Tristan hope that Cin’s skills will help them stop the ghost who is getting angrier and more violent by the day, attacking people and destroying the home.  They must figure out what is tying the young ghost to Sey’s house and how to banish her before she kills them all.

Whew! This was one wild and exciting story! Duck Duck Ghost is the second book in Rhys Ford’s Hellsinger series and reunites us with Wolf and Tristan from Fish and Ghosts.  When the book opens things are a little rough for these guys due to their fight, but they quickly move past the conflict as they travel to Sey’s house.  They really love one another and are eager to put things behind them, especially Wolf, who knows he messed up big time and definitely works hard to apologize.  I really like that these guys are not afraid to share their feelings and really talk about things.  We get to learn a lot about both of their fears, their feelings of disconnect with their families, and how much they have grown to care for one another.  We especially see how hard being shunned has been for Wolf, and how much Tristan’s love means to him.

The primary focus of the story is on the ghost haunting Sey’s house, and boy is she an evil one.  The book is scary and thrilling and exciting just about all the way through.  The guys are pretty much in over their heads as neither one know much about ghost hunting.  The longer they stay there, there worse things get, and they aren’t made any better by the addition of Wolf and Sey’s crazy older aunt and the visiting student Sey has in her house.  I loved the addition of Cin to the story as well.  We learn about him a bit in the first book, but here we meet him in all his badass, ghost hunting glory. He is snarky and tough and intimidating and I totally loved him (Dear Rhys Ford: Cin’s story, please). But even with Cin around, things get totally crazy and this story kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end.

My only small complaint is that we learn that Tristan’s family is still continuing to fight to take the Grange from him (and in fact it is has gotten worse since the last book). But that plot pretty much drops away after the very start of the story and we never hear about it again. I feel like that should have been developed a little better or left out since it is kind of tossed out and doesn’t go anywhere.

So yep, I really loved this one.  Ford manages to give us some wonderful character and relationship develop here in the midst of all the excitement. We can really see how much these guys mean to one another and how well they work together. And the book is so exciting it really kept me totally captivated. So a great story and one I definitely recommend.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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