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Jeff White has been searching for a submissive since he and his long-term girlfriend broke up. This seems like the time to finally explore that dominant, sadistic side of himself that he has wanted to let free all these years but that Sarah was not interested in.  However, now that he finally has an opportunity to experiment, he can not find a female submissive who will give him a shot, especially since he seems to botch every encounter and ruin things before they can even start.

Eddie Powell is a pain slut and loves a rough man like Jeff.  Although Jeff is clear he is not gay and has no interest in a male submissive, Eddie manages to convince Jeff to give it a try.  Eddie is not only willing to let Jeff get some experience as a Dom by working him over, he is willing to train Jeff along the way.

Eddie is pretty hot for Jeff from the start, but Jeff is adamant he is not interested in men.  Even if he finds himself really hot for Eddie’s ass. Or decides to let Eddie blow him.  Or fantasizes about doing dirty things to Eddie. This is just experimenting, all in the name of learning to be a good Dom, right?  Plus, Eddie said he doesn’t do relationships so there is no future for them, even if Jeff is starting to imagine what it might be like to have Eddie for much longer than their five training sessions together.  Eddie isn’t willing to give up on Jeff and is determined to make him see that there could be something great between them. But Jeff must be willing to accept his feelings for another man if they have hope for a happy future together.

Ooh, so you guys, if you want dirty, kinky, sexy yumminess between a posh pain slut and a rough around the edges newbie Dom, this is the book for you.  I just love the twist on the traditional BDSM story Myles gives us here. Typically we get the perfectly in control Dom who always knows exactly what to do and what to give their sub.  In this case, we see Jeff just starting out and getting his footing.  When he starts off, he thinks he knows what to do, but the truth is, he is still finding his way.  And even as the sub, Eddie takes Jeff under his wing and teaches him different aspects of being a Dom.  I loved the interplay between them as Eddie manages to be both an enthusiastic submissive and a teacher at once. And over the course of the story, we see Jeff go from fumbling and awkward (and a bit too overconfident) to a hot Dom in total control of himself and Eddie.

And yep, this is a deliciously dirty and kinky one.  Eddie and Jeff go through a series of five different training sessions where Eddie exposes Jeff to everything from corporal punishment, to bondage, to sensory play, to humiliation kink.  Pretty much anything you could be looking for gets covered here with much enthusiasm, and it is so much fun to see Eddie introduce Jeff to all the various delights.

Along the way, Jeff slowly lets down his inhibitions. He starts off dead set against even doing a scene with a man and worries at each step along the way whether what he is doing means he is gay (hint: yes, wanting to suck a guy’s cock probably means you are at least bi).  This denial could have gotten frustrating, but Myles does a nice job showing Jeff quickly getting over his inhibitions.  It takes longer for him to really accept his interest in men, and longer still to be willing to be public about it.  But it doesn’t take long before he is diving right into things, leading with his emotions (and his dick) rather than his mental hangups.

There were a couple of times I felt like Jeff was too overconfident and really needed to have done more research and training before trying things out on Eddie, though obviously Eddie signed on for that.  I also think in an effort to show Jeff the benefits of being with a man, we get some “why gay men are better” kinds of statements that bugged me a bit.  Gay clubs are better that straight, gay men are better for sex than women, etc.  I would have liked to see this point made with a little less focus on the male superiority. It was nothing major, just a small thing I noticed.

But overall I really loved this one. As I said, it is super sexy and dirty. I loved Eddie totally. He is fun and frisky and irreverent and the perfect match for the gruffer Jeff. I loved to see Jeff come into his own as a Dom and for him to accept his real feelings for Eddie.  This story manages to be both sweet and romantic as well as incredibly hot and kinky at the same time. So great story and definitely recommended.

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