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Cody and Matt are co-workers and best friends. Cody often has a new man in his bed and Matt is the faithful wingman. Matt has been in love with Cody since he first met him, but Cody never once thought of Matt that way, and is still looking for his forever relationship.

When Matt convinces Cody to join him on an audition for the reality show Husband Hunters, Cody warms to the idea easily. When both Cody and Matt are chosen for the show, unrequited feelings surface and friendships are forever altered. If Matt can tell Cody how he feels, Cody may finally realize the man he has been looking everywhere for has always been at his side.

Finding love on reality TV. Cody and Matt are going to find out if it’s possible. Matt, however, has already found the man the loves, Cody. Cody is a good looking guy that has a string of one night stands that never lead anywhere. (On a side note, Cody calls these guys tricks, which made me think of prostitution, although Cody is clearly not a prostitute.) Cody and Matt do everything together as friends, but Cody has no attraction to Matt.

The guys get chosen for the show with Cody being the main guy who goes on the three dates. The contact of the show tells him it’s all about appearance and how the show looks. So then some of the details were lacking and inconsistent when Cody gets picked up from home in his own clothes, gets driven directly to a restaurant for his first date, and there is no TV makeup used and no coaching on how or where to speak to the camera. He doesn’t even know if the server is a restaurant employee or an extra. The first two dates have issues for various reasons and the second one is very emotional for two guys meeting for the first time on camera and it is hard to relate to so much sharing so quickly.

From a writing perspective, this book is well done. The story flows well, the dialogue is natural, and the locations are realistic. You have to really like Cody here to enjoy this book and, well, I sort of didn’t really like him in regards to being a possible mate for Matt. Cody relies on Matt and Matt is Cody’s biggest fan. All the way through the story, Cody makes it clear time and time again that he is not attracted to Matt, which okay, he’s being honest. He even makes a comment that he does not think Matt would be good in bed. So when they get together, only after Cody thinks he is losing Matt, and Matt has to pretty much explain Cody’s own feelings and sort them out for him, I never felt the connection that Cody was really in love with Matt. It was more like he still wanted his best bud to continue to idolize him.

Matt also stays the same pretty much all the way through. His woe-is me-I’m-not-good-looking-why-would-anyone-want-to-be-with-me attitude is consistent. When someone is interested in him, Matt has no idea why, and Tre (a secondary character) winds up being the most interesting character of all.

While I did enjoy the brief look into finding love on camera and the idea of two friends coming together, I did miss out on a true romantic connection between the guys and the feeling that Cody was really falling in love with Matt. The idea of this story is current and the friends to lovers theme is often a favorite. If you enjoy a reality TV setting with best friends finding a forever relationship, Husband Hunters would be the one to check out.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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