Losing Sight of the TargetRating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Short Story


Justin is competing in his first Olympic biathlon. His first Olympics will also be his last as he is losing his eye sight and will no longer be able to compete.

While waiting to meet his next target, Caesar sees Justin drinking alone. A little conversation and a little flirting leads to the men spending a memorable night together before Caesar sneaks out.

Twenty years older than Justin, Caesar has never had the need to spend more than one night with the same man and has certainly never wanted a relationship. Yet, he can’t seem to shake the thought of Justin. When business travel brings him to the Olympics, he has his sights set on Justin.

After Chapter One, I was pretty hooked into the story and read it straight through. Reading a short story, you know going into it that not everything will be developed and there could be unanswered questions.

The attraction between the men was instant and the natural conversational language of the intimate scenes is written well with two guys just in the moment. Although the men do connect instantly, Justin thinks he will never see Caesar again, but then there would be no story.

I enjoyed the details offered about the biathlon and the backdrop of the Olympic village was an interesting place to be. We are never told exactly what Caesar does for a living, but it is easy to read between the lines. The ending was where the story lost a bit for me overall. It was rushed as the men make solid life plans to be together, yet Justin knows nothing about Caesar and they have only had a few intimate encounters while traveling.

The story did hold my attention all the way through, but the end just fell a bit flat for me. There is not a lot of conflict or angst and it’s a short love story of two men trying not to be so alone in the world.

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