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Jesse Morales is an aspiring mystery novelist who happens to land face first, figuratively, in the middle of a real-life murder investigation. When Jesse finds the body of a murdered man while completing a week of volunteer work on the summit of Mount Washington, the last thing he expects is to join in the investigation, especially once the gruff, grumpy, and sexy Detective Kyle Dubois makes it clear he’s just a civilian. But when Kyle shows up the next day and offers Jesse another look at the scene in the daylight and a ride down the mountain, Jesse takes it for the olive branch it is.

Kyle Dubois is a widowed detective who was very much in love with his wife. When she died five years ago, she took his secret with her—that Kyle was attracted to both men and women. Now with Jesse before him, Kyle can think of nothing but getting to know the man, even when he should be focusing solely on the case. When he asks Jesse to hang around for a few days, he shouldn’t have been surprised that Jesse picked a hotel full of murder suspects to hole up in.

When Jesse weaves his way into the group of family and friends of the victim, Kyle’s focus becomes split between solving the case and protecting the new man in his life. As Jesse delves deeper into the group, gaining invaluable information, he gets closer and closer to a killer while Kyle finds it harder and harder to keep him safe.

You all I know I love a good mystery, and a good cozy mystery even more so. Add in some hanky-panky and I’m in. So yes, I really liked Jamie Fessenden’s Murder on the Mountain. This story is full of mystery and suspense with a little bit of romance on the side. I was intrigued from the very beginning of this novel and Fessenden did a wonderful job of holding my interest, especially in the mystery plot. It’s not often that I read a whodunit where I don’t figure out. But this author really threw me for a loop with this storyline. He kept me guessing and on my toes constantly, to the point that I had no idea which way was up. And when the mystery was revealed, I was as shocked as everyone else. Still am.

The vast array of characters hold a starring role in this story. Yes, we have wonderful main characters in our amateur sleuth Jesse and Detective Kyle. They are reason enough to sit down to read this story, but the real attraction comes in the form of a seemingly normal and boring, everyday family and friend group that turns out to be anything but. From the slutty BFF with a not quite heart of gold, to the pervy brother of the bride, to a blushing bride who maybe shouldn’t wear white on her wedding day, these guys are full of secrets and lies and out and out craziness. The twist and turns from the characterizations of the secondary cast of characters alone will make your head spin. I never saw most of it coming.

Here’s my only complaint and the only reason I didn’t score this book higher. I wanted more romance between Jesse and Kyle. I feel like their relationship building was pushed to the side in place of the mystery or to make room for Kyle trying to balance his personal and professional life. Their connection was good, but I can’t say it was fire-starting. I think they needed something more.

But over all this one was really good and I’m hoping so hard that this author continues the world of Jesse and Kyle with some more mystery solving and maybe some more hanky-panky. I recommend Murder on the Mountain by Jamie Fessenden.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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