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Length: Short Story

A game of Truth or Dare turns into a wild night for Prophet and Tommy.  It is just after Prophet came to Tommy’s aid in New Orleans and the guys are holed up during an ice storm.  Prophets dare: for Tommy to steal back the couch Prophet and Cillian keep taking from one another.  That inspires some super hot sex, so hot that just the memories of that night are enough to lead to mind blowing, bed destroying sex even months later.

While the dare paid off for both men, the truth side is a little trickier.  Tommy wants answers to a question Prophet isn’t sure he can answer.  And when he does share, the response definitely riles up Tommy, who uses it as an opportunity to claim his man and make sure Prophet knows he belongs to Tommy.

Not Fade Away is a super hot short story that mostly takes place just after the third book in Jakes’ fabulous Hell or High Water series.  Even though it fits there chronologically, this story focuses on Tommy and Prophet’s relationship rather than the larger suspense arc, so it could pretty much stand alone or fit just about anywhere.

The story starts off with a flashback to that game of Truth or Dare, then brings us back to the present where memories of that night are enough to inspire even more hot sex.  It also leads to more questions from Tommy, ones the Prophet isn’t sure he can answer.  Which then leads to even more hot sex.  Are you getting the theme here?  This book has a lot of super hot, dirty, sweaty sex between two big, growly, possessive men.  If you have read any of the other books in this series, you know what Tommy and Prophet are like together; they burn up the pages.  And this story is no different.  This is a delicious story that really brings on the heat between these two very sexy men.

What I love here is that in addition to the sex, we also can really see how their physical relationship is so much a part of their emotional connection.  Tommy and Prophet are both big, strong, super confident alpha men. They are used to being in situations where people rely on them and they need to be in complete control and watching out for everyone else.  But when they are together, they can take care of one another.  That alpha aggressiveness is not just sexual conquest. It is also a way to show that they belong to each other and that they can take care of each other.  It is really impressive how Jakes manages to take a story that is largely sex and really make it a lot more.

My only tiny quibble here is that the time jumps threw me just a bit.  We start in present, flash back to the original game, then come back to present.  The story is more a series of scenes than a traditional plot, so we get some jumping around. There were a few times when I sort of lost track of where we were in the timeline of the regular books.

So yep, this one is delicious. If you love your Prophet and Tommy like I do, you are not going to want to miss this one. It is hot and sexy, but also a really sweet show of the love these guys have for one another.  It is a fabulous treat to tide us over until the next installment in the series.

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