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Life as a porn star. It’s not what either Gael or Liam thought it would be. Coming from completely different backgrounds, they meet on set as co-stars for a new film. Liam isn’t the type Gael usually is attracted to, but just being on set with Liam isn’t enough. Gael however, can’t take it any further. As per his contract, he is in a manufactured relationship with his best friend and co-star, John, and he needs to play his part.

When the world of porn becomes just too much for Liam to take anymore, he disappears to Solitude, a ski resort in Utah. Without a word, he leaves behind his job and Gael. When rumors circulate that Liam is dead, a frantic Gael tracks him down,

Liam is completely caught off guard when Gael, the man of his dreams, shows up. He is making a life for himself working at the resort and entertaining clients on the side. But Gael is determined to find out why Liam ran and show him he is worthy of love and does not have to live his life alone.

This story opens really strong and in an interesting way. It’s told in alternating POVs from both Liam and Gael. What is unique is that the story starts with Liam in present day, while Gael’s POV starts off with the story of the guys meeting and Liam taking off. There is no loss of continuity and the story really moves along with being in the present and the not so distant past.

We are given a look inside the world of porn stars working with a reputable company. Their occupation is their choice and they have not been forced into the life. There is real chemistry between Gael and Liam, but Gael cannot act on it due to his contractual obligations.

Once Gael finds Liam in Utah, the story sort of spun around itself, slowed down, and went in circles. We do find out more about Liam, but it was slow going. Liam is quite damaged and supplements his income with prostitution. His story, however, was nothing new and was sort of expected. Gael really wants to help Liam, wants to be with the real Liam not just porn star Liam, and wants to be with him so badly even if Liam can’t love him back.

There are real connecting moments between the two of them, but because the story slowed down, inconsistencies and things that did not add up were easier to see. Some were small and some were not so small. A small issue is while Gael is in Utah for a month, he tells his roommate to use his credit card that is in his dresser at home. In my experience, most people do take their credit cards with them while staying at a resort on vacation. A larger issue, when one of Liam’s jealous clients corners Gael, Gael tells the guy all about his deep feelings and love for Liam. It did not read as the most believable of confessions. Okay, largest issue, when a porn star contracts HIV, there is a seemingly lack of true concern over the disease. Sure, the guys get tested, but while waiting for the results, Liam and Gael do engage in some activities without a condom, although they agree they couldn’t possibly have any cuts on them. They also discuss that there are plenty of meds available to live with HIV. There is a real casual attitude about the disease that threw off part of the story for me.

The guys make their own relationship on their own terms. They fall in love, but Liam will always have a lot of emotional baggage that he will carry with him. Their relationship is on their own terms as the guys are porn stars and Liam is also a prostitute and they like their jobs. There is a lot to like here and equally some other issues to overcome. It’s a different kind of love story and parts are worth taking a look at.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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