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Length: Novella

Cal and Rhys have been together for three years. They have a great life and relationship in NYC. When Rhys’ culinary career is derailed, the men relocate to Boston using Cal’s inheritance.

As Cal immerses himself in the renovation of Rhys’ new restaurant, Rhys feels increasingly neglected. The move and a new business venture have the ability to crack the very foundation of their relationship. Cal, trying not to grow increasingly resentful, starts to realize all he may have taken for granted and struggles to open up and communicate with Rhys before he loses the man he truly loves.

Rhys is attempting to make Cal breakfast. He’s doing a damn fine job of it until Cal sees him wearing only pajama bottoms and breakfast has to wait a while. The storyline here is a refreshing change as Cal and Rhys are already in an established relationship and their love for each other shines through. Their struggles come from career adjustments, moving, starting over, and a lack of communication. Basically, life is getting in the way of their relationship.

Cal is so focused on getting the restaurant renovated and open for Rhys he can’t really see anything else. Rhys, for his part, is dealing with a somewhat bruised ego. Life is moving too damn fast for the men to talk anything over and discontentment is brewing.

The writing here is clearly in focus and Cal and Rhys are easy to visualize and get to know. They are so in love, still hot for each other, sweet, tender, and oh so stubborn. The story is relatable to me as I have an in depth understanding of the restaurant industry in both areas the men live in, as well as having enjoyed their favorite wine at their favorite vineyard. But, knowledge of these items is clearly not necessary to enjoy the book.

I do think that while Rhys was working for a large, known, hotel chain, it’s not at all easy to get fired. There would have been a paper trail of documentation, and if it did play out as described, Rhys would have had grounds for one hell of a potential lawsuit. And, while Cal’s crock pot cooking times are perhaps a bit generous, neither detracts from the genuine feel of the story.

This is a somewhat lighter story of two engaging men and it’s filled with love, heat, and just a touch of heartache. A story detailing their early years would no doubt be entertaining and sexy and I would recommend taking a look at The One I Choose.

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