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Length: Novella

Faris is such a gentle soul. He is also the village healer who carries a dark secret that haunts him to this day. A past that cannot be erased and remains the reason he goes to the pillar each time he is asked to ease the suffering of the poor wretch who has been tortured there and left to die. But each time Faris goes to that place, he swears it will be his last, for he is not always able to save the men who have been left there and ushering one into death makes him feel so cold and lost. This time a former soldier who has lost his family and his country to the ravages of war has been left at the pillar. He is near death, yet Faris saves him, brings him back and listens to his story.

Boro has suffered degradation and torture at the hands of a wealthy man who also lost in the war and now seeks out the enemy to enslave and torture in order to have his vengeance. However, once freed from the pillar is to be free forever, so Boro is now his own man and it is Faris whom he has to thank for his recovery. They are two lonely men facing their own feelings of self-loathing who find forgiveness in each other. But the past is not done with either of them yet and it may very well be that which tears them apart in the end.

I really loved this novella by Kim Fielding. The Pillar was a simple story, short and sweet and loaded with deep emotions and the healing power of love. The idea that two men who had lost so much could find new life and hope in each other was just a lovely idea that permeated each page of this book. Author Kim Fielding took a snapshot of the lives of two men whose futures seemed so dim—so lost in loneliness and pain and with that tiny tendril of a story line she created a beautiful love story that provoked an entire village to action. The ending was not forced at all—instead it really was an affirmation of how a group of people takes care of each other and supports those they love and cherish.

To say more about this story would be to give away too much so I will simply leave it at this: The Pillar by Kim Fielding is a swift moving story about redemption and second chances. It is a love story that will tug at your heart and a triumph of the people that will make you cheer! I highly recommend it to you.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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