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Length: Novella

When Ned plans a mysterious trip to Flagstaff, of course Wick is on board, if only to make sure that assholes don’t try to shoot his man. Ned’s been secretive about the trip, only saying that he’s found an old partner, and Wick assumes that by “old partner” Ned means former lover. Jealousy has never been Wick’s strong suit. He arrives at Mountain Shadows only to be greeted by a Tarzan motherfucker swinging from trees and shooting arrows at him. Not a problem until he aims the arrow at Ned and hits him. Pulling the trigger would have been sweet relief had he not missed because of the hulking man who tackled him to the ground.

Twelve years ago, Ned lost track of his charge in the organization, being told he left, and he never stopped looking. By happenstance, he stumbled upon information that led him to that very man, now calling himself Rowen, at Mountain Shadows in Flagstaff. But when he arrives, Ned doesn’t plan on having to reign in his high strung lover as well as calm his skittish old friend. The struggle that ensues means little when Rowen begins telling the tale of a little boy turned killer by the people who professed to love him, and what happened when he wasn’t exactly what they wanted him to be.

But that isn’t where it ends. After Rowen opens his life to the people who love him, past and present, they discover that his cabin has been broken into and ransacked and fear of events past, present, and future creep up on Wick, threatening to tear apart everything he and Ned have built.

Wick. If you’ve read Havan Fellows’ Pulp Friction 2013 series, Wicked’s Way, I could end the review there and it would be enough said. Wicked Templeton is Atlanta’s badass motherfucker with a heart of pure gold. Okay, well, it’s not exactly pure, but there’s gold there. Quite possibly one of my favorite characters of all time, I was ecstatic that Wick would be part of Flagstaff and the Mountain Shadows cast for however brief a time. And yes, Ned’s here too in all his calm, level-headed glory, keeping an eye on Wick and taking names.

Ahh… this author had me going for a minute. I refuse to give you the juiciest of details, but I was teetering on the edge of a breakdown at the mere thought of no Wick and Ned, because let’s face it, Wick as awesome as he is, needs Ned as much as Ned needs him. But my anxiety attack in the midst of this story is a very minor detail compared to the other happenings. This happy addition to Pulp Friction 2014 is a critical tale in Rowen’s history, and kids, has Rowen got a sordid past and terrible story to tell. All the better to love him for, I say.

The clash of personality at Mountain Shadows isn’t really evident until Wick walks onto the campsite. You see, the residents of MS are more of a family with a variety of personality and quirks. They mesh so well together that I never noticed how very different they were until Wick was added to the mix and shook things up in patented Wicked fashion. It makes me love this group even more. And of course, Rowen and Mick, my heart cheers for them every single time they’re on paper. I can’t wait to see where Fellows is taking them.

I am all sorts of in love with this story, in fact, I plan on reading it again very soon. Because Wick and Ned… but Wick. And besides Wick we finally, finally get to hear Rowen’s real story. This book is likely the best book I’ve read in the entire series so far and now I’m dying for more. I highly recommend Wicked Winds by Havan Fellows.

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