small_newsHi guys, I have some updates for you all on various social media goings on.


First off, Facebook.  You may know, I have both a personal page and a blog page, where I post links to all my blog posts.  It is a great way to keep up with what is going on with the blog. On my personal page, I also chat about all kinds of random stuff that has more to do with me, in addition to the blog.  Reading, kids, cats, chocolate, hot men, that kind of stuff.

Currently both pages are named very similar which causes some confusion for folks trying to figure out which is which. So I have changed the name of my personal page to make it a bit clearer.

My personal/blog Facebook profile is now Jay H. Jay (changed from Joyfully Jay).  This sort of matches my online name I use other places so hopefully it will still be clear.  I’d love it if you follow me there so we can chat about books and other good stuff.

I also have a blog profile page called Joyfully Jay Reviews.  As with most profiles, unless you pay Facebook money, these pages get limited visibility.  But the more you like, comment, or share these posts, the more of them you will see (and the more others will see as well. So please stop by and Like my Joyfully Jay Reviews page.



I am finally getting my Instagram account out of hibernation. I have had it for a while and not used it but I am trying to get it rolling again, especially as we get ready to hit GRL.  You can find me on Instagram as Joyfully Jay.  This is officially a private account because I have a little person in my life who is also on Instagram, along with her friends, so I need to make sure my account stays away from their eyes.  But please find me there and I will accept requests to follow me.


Google Plus

So I finally got around to setting up a Google Plus account, and while I a pretty much hate it, I know some of you are hanging out there.  My blog posts are being reposted there as well so it is a great way to keep up with what is happening there, as well as us to chat and hang out.  I have both a personal and a blog page there and yes, they are both named the same thing. Please friend/like, or whatever the heck you are supposed to there. Circle me?  You can find my personal profile at Joyfully Jay and my blog’s page at Joyfully Jay Reviews.  (The personal page has my picture and the blog profile as the book/heart icon.) I am slowly working to being more active there so hopefully I will see you all hanging out.



And as always, I am Twitter. I am probably there or Facebook most of all and I read all my notifications, so please follow me there if you aren’t already.  I post blog stuff and other random things and love to hear from you all.  My Twitter name is Joyfully Jay and you can find me @jayhjay432.


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