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Adder was originally published in 2009 and was one of the first m/m romance books I read.  You know I love my rock stars and I have since read it many times. So for Throwback Thursday, I thought I’d give it another read and review it for you all here.

Adder and his band are a hit in the Atlanta area and are on the verge of making it big.  Between their fabulous music and Adder’s charisma, the band continues to grow in popularity, but they are in need of a new drummer.  When they find Kalil Sabatino, it seems like the perfect match and the final piece they need to catapult the band onto the national stage.

throwback thursdayKalil is thrilled to have the chance to play with the band and they are all clearly in synch musically. He just needs to control his attraction to Adder.  Adder is that combination of arrogant, sexy, charming, shameless, and so magnetic that everyone loves him, men and women alike.  And Adder has set his sights on Kalil, determined to get him into bed. But Kalil knows getting involved with Adder would be a mistake.  Band romances never go well and if things go bad between them, Kalil knows he will lose the best job he’s ever had.

The more they are together, the more Kalil finds it hard to resist Adder’s charms, and eventually they find themselves not only sleeping together, but shockingly monogamous.  Adder has always had people in and out of his bed, but for reasons he can’t understand, he wants only Kalil.  He just wishes that Kalil would believe that Adder has no interest in anyone else and stop being so jealous.  But even though Adder reassures him that Kalil is the only one he wants in his bed right now, he also is afraid to share how he really feels with Kalil, fearing he will get hurt.

Things get even more tense as the band’s popularity grows and the group must make decisions about their future.  The two men have fallen hard for one another, but both are afraid of sharing their true feelings and getting hurt. If they hope to make it together, they must be honest about how they feel.

So part of the appeal of rock star romances for me is the magic of taming that ultimate bad boy.  Adder is the perfect example. He is wild and outrageous and flirts heavily with everyone.  He has no shame and will do or say pretty much anything.  Adder is a total hedonist, living for what makes him happy and feels good. But at the same time, he is a sweet, caring man underneath. He takes his career and the band completely seriously and always puts that ahead of anything else.  Adder is just such a compelling character, the guy you know should drive you crazy but you adore anyway.  I love all of his flirty ways, his total hedonism and lack of shame.  He makes such a great contrast to the much more reserved Kalil.

Kalil does his best to resist Adder’s charms, but he wants the man from the first time they meet.  Kalil has a lot of anxieties about just about everything — his relationship with Adder, their new manager, their recording contract, Adder’s fidelity.  He wants to trust Adder, but he is just so scared of being hurt and taking risks.  Kalil’s issues end up affecting not just his relationship with Adder, but the band as well.  I loved Kalil, but did find myself frustrated with him sometimes. How many times can your lover reassure you that they are not cheating?  You either have to trust that person or decide to end it.  So I did find myself a little worn down by the constant jealously and repeated fears about Adder and their manager. I mean, we see nothing that suggests Adder interacts with her any differently than anyone else, but Kalil can’t let it go.  So a little frustrating at times, but I did enjoy the contrast between these two guys. As one of their bandmates puts it, Kalil is too possessive and Adder is not possessive enough. So there is an inherent conflict there the men must work though.

So as I said, this is one of my favorite early rocker romances. I adore Adder and love him and Kalil together. They are super sexy, but there is also an underlying sweetness to their interaction. I love to see Adder’s public front fall away and the tender and loving way he behaves with Kalil.  So lots of fun and one I would definitely recommend, especially to rock star fans.

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