Hi everyone! As you can see, we have done some design upgrades to the blog. Nothing too crazy, but I had a few tweaks done to keep things bright and shiny.

Mostly I enbiggened everything.  The whole page is wider to accommodate some more specific changes.

  • Bigger content area – I made the content panel wider so that we can get more text with less scrolling.
  • Upgraded red menu bar – Now that there is more room, I added a new section to the menu bar for Features.  This includes all those special posts we do that you may want to track down more easily, such as Throwback Thursdays, Coming This Week posts, and Series Spotlights.  I will probably be adding other changes to the menu in time, but if you have suggestions for things you’d like to see there, just let me know.
  • Second side bar – I have added a second side bar to allow more room to play.  It also made more room for additional advertising, so I do have spots available going forward, including for previously sold out months.
  • Updated Follow box – The double column width let me expand the Follow box so now I have added some additional buttons for places you can track me down. You can now find me on Instagram and Google +, in addition to my usual haunts on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

So there you have it!  I hope you all like the updates. I worked hard to try to keep the site clean and easy to navigate. But if you have any feedback (good or bad), feel free to send it my way!

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