new coming this weekHello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely week.

As you probably know, I have been at GRL (and in fact come home today), so it has been a whirlwind week of catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. Hopefully you have seen some of the pictures along the way, but I will do more of a recap once I am home and slept off some of the exhaustion.

But there is still fun to be had. The Joyfully Jay Selfie Contest is still going on and we have a ton of great prizes! If you haven’t had a chance to enter, check out this post here with all the details. Anyone can participate, whether you were at GRL or not, so be sure to send in your pics for a chance to win. The contest closes tomorrow at 11:59 pm EST, so you still have plenty of time to enter.

And here is what we have going on this week…

  • Review: Bone Dry by Kim Fielding (Jay)
  • Guest Post and Giveaway: Who Knows the Storm by Tere Michaels
  • Review: Dawg Days Anthology (Jason)
  • Review: All Fired Up by Morticia Knight (Michelle)

  • Review: Thirst by Lisa Worrall (Jay)
  • Review: Foundation of Trust by A.M. Arthur (Crissy)
  • Review: Steven’s Heart by Ashavan Doyon (Kris)
  • Guest Post: Be My Human by M.A. Church and Julie Lynn Hayes

  • Review: The Brick Yard by Carol Lynne (Jason)
  • Review: Americana Fairy Tale by Lex Chase (Crissy)
  • Review: Sacrificed by Bey Deckard (Michelle)
  • Review: Too Good to be True by A.E. Via (Sammy)

  • Review: Love and the Real Boy by J.K. Hogan (Crissy)
  • Audiobook Review: Social Skills by Sara Alva (Jason)
  • Guest Post: Woodland Village series by Viki Lyn
  • Throwback Thursday Review: Fair Game by Josh Lanyon (Sammy)

  • Review: Billionaire with Benefits by Anne Tenino (Jay)
  • Review: Rock by Anyta Sunday (Michelle)
  • Review: Sharing Heart by Ken Murphy (Kris)
  • Guest Post and Giveaway: Billionaire with Benefits by Anne Tenino

That should do it for this week!

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