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Scott sat at his office desk and chewed the end of his pen, thinking about what to say to the members of the pack. After he and Ted had decided to take in the boys, they’d made love, but after the conversation with Ted, Scott had trouble staying asleep. He’d woken up several times during the night, while Ted slept, quietly snoring.

So many thoughts and doubts swirled in Scott’s head. Ted wanted to fuck him. He’d just started to feel comfortable about being “gay” and now Ted expected him to just roll over and offer up his ass on a plate? The thought…

Scott blew out a breath.

Turned him on. Terrified him.

Men didn’t do that. He’d been taught his whole life if you did you were less of a man. But Ted wasn’t less, neither was Billy or Bobby, or their mates. Now, his life had been turned upside down, and he was fucking a man. Who wanted to fuck him.

As if that wasn’t enough, they’d agree to take on the boys.

He knew it was his responsibility as alpha, but was this what he really wanted? Ted was only going along with it because Scott wanted it and had promised it would only be for a little while. Were Scott’s reasons only about obligation? Duty? Responsibility?

Or was this a selfish act? He wanted a family. Always had. And then came Ted, and it looked like fatherhood was off the table. Was his desire for kids as bad as his mom’s? He didn’t think so. She was almost rabid.

And to think she believed she’d caused Wyatt and Marie’s deaths. He could only imagine her guilt. Maybe this would end her meddling voodoo ways. If it did, then perhaps a little guilt wasn’t such a bad thing.

“Sheriff, Billy’s on one.” Terri’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

He picked up the phone and hit the button. “What’s up, deputy?”

“Sir, I was just calling to let you know. Peter and I discussed it some more, and if you want, we can take the boys too, if needed. I can move my shift to nights and hang with the boys during the day. At least until school starts.”

Scott sat back. A little stunned. And something else.

It wasn’t exactly jealous.

It wasn’t exactly protective.

It was definitely selfish.

“That’s good of you to offer. And I’ll take you up on it if this drags out. But I’m sure someone will come around.” Refusing Billy and Peter’s offer would be foolish. There was no telling how long they’d have to wait for a foster home.

“Well, we figured, if you could do it, so could we. And if the pack goes along with one set of gay parents, they can’t bitch about another one, right?”

“Right.” Scott chuckled. “I’ll let Ted know, he’ll appreciate the offer. Kids were never in his plan, you know?”

“I understand. For me, I knew I was gay, so I never believed in the whole family thing. But times are changing. Gay couples are adopting kids, having their own kids with surrogate moms. Peter and I haven’t discussed it about the future. He’s coming from the same place as me, you know. Not in his plan either. But you…”

“Right.” Scott exhaled. “I had the total plan package. Wife. Kids. Then Ted–”

“And wham!” Billy chuckled. “New plan.”

“But not a worse plan. Just different.” Scott wasn’t sure if he was trying to convince Billy or himself.

“So when are you telling the pack?”

“Just thinking of the right thing to say now. I’m going to do a broadcast call, like I do for the meetings.”

“Well, good luck and we’re behind you, boss.”

“I know and I appreciate it. Thanks, Billy. Tell Peter thanks too.”

Scott hung up. Those two little boys might never know how lucky they were to have not one set of adults, but two, who wanted to give them a chance at a new home and to stay out of the system.

Times awastin’. He’d better git ‘er done.

Taking a deep breath, Scott dialed into the automated call system to record his message.

“This is Sheriff Scott Dupree. I’ve thought long and hard about what to do for Wyatt’s boys. For now, this is what is going to happen.

“Ted and I will take the boys in for the time being. It’s summer, and when Ted or I are working, my mother will watch the boys. Until someone in the pack steps forward to become their foster or adoptive parents, we’ll keep this arrangement. It’s my decision as pack alpha for those boys to stay in the pack.”

Scott halted, took another breath and continued, “So if anyone has an issue with this, Ted and I will be at the meeting hall tonight at seven until nine. Show up and let us know why, and why you’re not willing to take them. Basically, what I’m saying is put your money where your mouth is or shut up.”

Scott closed his eyes and pressed the button signaling the end of the message. Then he hit send.

He and Ted would just have to wait until tonight to find out the true feelings of the pack about letting two gay men raise a couple of orphan pack kids.

Deep inside, he feared a mob scene tonight. But at the edge of his mind, the hope no one would show up tickled. Maybe, just maybe, the pack members would come through for him, Ted, and the boys.


Ted rested his hand on Scott’s shoulder. “It’s seven fifteen. No one’s coming.”

“I’m not declaring victory yet.” Scott laughed. “It’d restore my faith in our pack, but I’m not going to fool myself and say everyone is cool with this.”

“Even if they aren’t, you made it clear any objectors would have to take the boys.”

Scott sighed. “Can they…can Charles really be that bad? How can a ten year old be so…threatening?”

Ted sat on the chair next to Scott. “You and I both know, kids his age have killed, tortured other kids and animals, hell, done all sorts of horrible things. But in all the things we’ve heard about Charles, none of that has been mentioned. Just fighting and bullying. And that can be stopped.”

“You’re right. Charles needs help. He needs to be pointed in the right direction, that’s all.”

Ted squeezed Scott’s leg. “And you’re just the right guy for the job.”

Scott snorted. “Please. You don’t have to convince me, I’m already in.”

“Maybe I’m just convincing myself.” Ted gazed out the window toward the parking lot.

“I know you’re doing this for me. And I appreciate it, I do. But are you having second thoughts?”

“Not really. It’s just…you know when we talked about this I told you I had never thought about kids, but if you wanted them, I was with you.”

“Yeah?” Scott straightened.

“Look. My own dad was great, until he found out I was gay, and then he broke off all ties to me. I’m just confused over…” he let the words fade.

“Over which father you’ll be? I get that. The great dad or the one who walked away?” Scott put his head against Ted’s. “You would never walk away. You’ll be your own type of father. You don’t have to be like your father, you just have to make sure you don’t repeat his mistakes.”

“But your dad was so great, that’s easy for you to say.”

“My dad died long before I really had a chance to get into trouble. And truthfully, I’m not sure how he’d take this.” Scott spread his hands to indicate him and Ted. “I’m not sure if he’d even speak to me, if he knew.”

“Does that bother you?”

“That he would cut me out of his life for claiming my mate, whether or not that person was a man? Yeah. But I’ll never know.”

“So give him the benefit of the doubt. Believe he would have still stood up at the pack meeting and backed you.”

“Sure. Okay.” Scott grinned.

The front door opened. Billy and Peter entered. “Hey, guys!”

“Hey! You here for moral support?” Ted asked.

“Of course. Figured if we formed a united front, it would give people pause. They can’t claim we’re all pedophiles, can they?” Peter grinned and jerked a thumb over his shoulder. “Look who’s right behind us!”

Bobby and his mate Mark came in, each carrying a container with four coffees. “Thought you guys might need some stimulation of the caffeinated type.” He handed them out to Scott and Ted, Mark took one and Bobby snagged the last one. “Sorry, Billy. Peter. Didn’t think you’d be here.” Then he tossed a bag of creamers, sugars, and those little wooden stirrers on one of the chairs.

“No problem.” Billy waved him off. “Peter’s trying to wean me off the caffeine in the evenings.”

“He sleeps better.” Peter rubbed Billy’s arm.

Scott took in the affectionate touch. To him, Billy was the alpha, Peter the mate. Whoa. Maybe Ted was right. He was placing heterosexual roles on gay men. Familiar roles to make their relationships more…acceptable. Was that screwed up or what?

Did Peter fuck Billy? Scott’s face warmed. He should not be thinking about his deputy and his mate’s sex life. He glanced over at Bobby.

Nope. Not going there either. That was worse.

And why did it matter who fucked who? If it worked for them, whatever it was, isn’t that enough?

But it wasn’t working for Ted. And that should matter. Should be the only thing that mattered.

After the men doctored their coffee, they arranged the chairs to suit themselves, sort of in a semi-circle, facing the doors. A united front ready to take on all comers.


Life is good for Scott and Ted. They have everything they need. Until Scott’s mother decides they need kids. Which wouldn’t be a problem, except the kids they wind up with are not the kids they want.


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