Today I am so pleased to host the kickoff event for Queer Romance Month here at Joyfully Jay. Alexis Hall and KJ Charles are here to talk to us a bit about QRM and help get the party started.  They have also brought a great giveaway. So please help me give them a big welcome and join us in kicking off this event!


Welcome to the the Launch Party for Queer Romance Month, and a big thank you to Jay for hosting us on our blog. Let’s try not spill any wine on her carpet.

QRM will be running throughout October, showcasing book recommendations, posts, articles, essays, and flash fiction from the queer-identified, the queer-writing and the queer-supporting.

We hope you will join us.

And in case you need any further motivation, we present you with 12 Reasons Why QRM is Better Than Cats.

12 Reasons Queer Romance Month Is Better Than Cats

1) QRM brings you three to four blog posts a day, introducing you to queer romance authors all over the world. Cats bring you dead mice. Or live mice. That’s even worse.

2) QRM welcomes all kinds of romance: het, queer, gay, lesbian, bi, trans, and anything else. Cats welcome nothing but your craven submission to their will.

3) QRM intends to hook you on queer romance by bringing you terrific writers with wonderful stories, characters to die for and the chance of a happy ever after for everyone. You know how cats get you hooked? Brain parasites. Cats carry mind-controlling parasites to make you want them around. QRM doesn’t do that. Because, unlike cats, we have ethics.

4) QRM supports authors writing queer romance. We want more queer romance to be written.

Whereas, look at KJ Charles’ cat:

kjcat QRM

Or Jo Myles’ cat:

jocat QRM

 Or Rhys Ford’s cat

fordcat QRM

 Or Julio Alexi Genao’s cat

juliocat QRM

Do these cats look like they’re supporting the writing of queer romance? No, they do not.

5) QRM also likes to be stroked, petted and soothed, but we promise not to scratch if you stop.

6) QRM believes in equality. Everyone’s love is equal, everyone’s love should be treated with respect. Cats, on the other hand…

hitlercat QRM

Enough said.

7) QRM will let you know when a new post is up by a discreet announcement on Twitter or by popping up your RSS feed. Cats get your attention by shoving their arses in your face or sinking their claws into your leg.

8) If you want to join the conversation, you can Tweet to @QueerRomance or comment on the site. Cats are too self-absorbed to use social media.

9) QRM will be offering giveaways throughout the month, starting with the one at the bottom of this post. When was the last time a cat did anything for you?

10) QRM is supported by bloggers throughout the romance community, so look out for our badge and the occasional extra post on your favourite review blogs. Cats are notoriously bad guest bloggers. Nor they do have a badge.

11) QRM merchandise is available here. Any profits generated by QRM go to support Stonewall in the UK or PFLAG in the US. Although cats generate a great deal of merchandising, they spend all of the profits on string and catnip.

12) QRM will never lick its genitalia in public. We rest our case.


QueerRomanceMonthQueer Romance Month will be running throughout October. We hope you will join us.


To celebrate to the launch of Queer Romance Month, we are excited to be able to offer a giveaway! Enter the Rafflecopter below for the opportunity to win books from Blind Eye Books, or gift certificates from Riptide Publishing, Dreamspinner Press, Torquere Press or Prizm Books.  And a huge thank you to all these publishers for supporting queer romance, and Queer Romance Month.

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