AdvertiseHi all! I am very excited to announce an upcoming upgrade to Joyfully Jay. I am adding a second sidebar to the blog, which will allow for additional advertising opportunities.  There will now be two rows of ads running parallel down the page.  I am really happy about the change because advertising has been selling out months in advance and now I can accommodate more people! Hurray!

Prior to this upgrade, all of 2014 has been sold out for months and all of the 2015 top level ads were sold about the first week I opened the calendar.  I had also sold completely out of 2015 ads for January and April.  Now I will be able to offer additional advertising opportunities for November and December 2014 and all months of 2015.

2014: I have one new top spot available in December and new regular spots open for November and December 2014. I might have partial month spots for October at a reduced rate depending on when the upgrade is ready to go.

2015: I now have regular and top spots available for all months in 2015.

If you are interested in purchasing advertising, please send me an email and I can provide details on pricing, traffic, and other information.

Thanks so much!

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