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Dr. Jason Garcia is a heart surgeon who works hard and enjoys no strings attached sex whenever he can find the time. After his marriage fell apart, Jason gave up the dream of a happily ever after and instead enjoys lots of hook ups.  When he sees an angelic looking blond at a bar one night, Jason is immediately interested in taking him home.

Abe Green has lived in Vegas for eight years, but he still lives a pretty conservative life. He is looking for a real relationship and a future with someone.  He doesn’t do hookups and he doesn’t continue dating if the relationship isn’t going anywhere.  Yet it is his birthday and when Jason propositions him, Abe uncharacteristically agrees to a night of sex without strings.

The night is mind blowing for both of them, but Abe and Jason know that will be the end of it between them.  Yet when they run into each other again, neither can resist a repeat.  When it is over, Jason finds himself still thinking of Abe, something that confuses him.  He knows it was just supposed to be a hookup, but something deep inside Jason maybe wants more.  When he connects with Abe once again, Jason is determined to continue seeing him.

Despite all their outward differences, Abe and Jason end up being a perfect fit. The sex has been explosive from the start, but as they spend time together, the men begin to truly care for one another.  Abe is cautious; he knows Jason doesn’t do relationships and he doesn’t want to risk his heart.  But slowly it becomes clear to him that Jason is just as invested as Abe, even if he doesn’t realize it yet.  Deep down Jason has always wanted the perfect happy ending, complete with someone to share his life with.  As Abe continues to become part of the family, meeting Jason’s kids and settling into Jason’s life, he may finally have the future he has always wanted.

Oooh, I just loved this one you guys!  If you read in this genre as much as me, you know that stories with relationship-phobic men are very common.  What is so wonderful about The Half of Us is the way author Cardeno C really elevates the story beyond just this fears commitment/wants a relationship dynamic in a way that makes for a fascinating story and wonderful characters.  First off, this story manages to avoid the constant back and forth and freak outs that often plague this trope.  Yes, Jason doesn’t see a future for himself with anyone long term and it never occurs to him he can have that.  But as the relationship with Abe slowly builds, Jason goes with it. He is not constantly fretting or worrying about what it all means.  It scares him sometimes, and definitely surprises him, but Jason goes with it in a way that is really appealing.

What also makes this work so well is the complexity of both of these characters.  Jason is not truly commitment phobic.  Instead he is a man who has always wanted a happily-ever-after and who thinks he lost that chance when he got divorced.  He looks at his own parents and wishes for what they have, but he doesn’t think he deserves it and still harbors guilt over his failed marriage.  So now he hooks up as much as he can and figures he might as well enjoy this life because it is all he will ever have.  Jason comes across arrogant and quick tempered, but he is also so warm and loving underneath. He dotes on Abe, he is caring with his ex-wife, and he is determined to make a relationship with his kids.

For his part, Abe is also more than he seems at first.  Abe has traditional views on relationships and doesn’t do hook ups. He wants to know things are going somewhere with a guy before he sleeps with him. Things with Jason are an aberration, an impulse he never expects.  What is interesting about Abe is that deep down, there is a much wilder side to him than he lets out.  He has fantasies about a more exciting sex life, but thinks it is incompatible with the long-term connection he seeks.  When Abe is with Jason, he finds both, and suddenly he can let those inner desires out and really explore them.  And boy do they ever.  There is this wonderful undercurrent of dirtiness between them, of hard, intense, messy sex that makes both of them crazy.  Abe is like this debauched angel, so sweet on one hand, yet loving all the dirty wildness between he and Jason.  The men are crazy hot together and it is so much fun to see them really explore both of their desires.

This story is part of the Family series, but as with all the author’s series, this book stand completely alone.  It connects to Something in the Way He Needs because Jason is Asher’s cousin. Early on in the book as Jason is starting to consider a relationship with Abe, Jason talks with Asher and gets some advice.  But otherwise the story is totally independent and you don’t need to read the series in any order or as a set to get the most out of this book.

So yes, I really loved this one. I just adored Abe and loved him and Jason together.  I really liked seeing how Abe makes Jason a better man, makes him reach for things he didn’t think he could have but always wanted.  I loved seeing Abe too finally satisfy those inner desires, both for a real relationship and also for a man that can thrill him sexually. Abe and Jason are incredibly hot together, but also super sweet and romantic.  So this is another excellent story from author Cardeno C and one I can highly recommend.

Cover Review: I really love this cover, mostly because it perfectly fits Abe and Jason in age and appearance.  Really nicely done.

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