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When he returns to Mountain Shadows from Atlanta, Cannon doesn’t expect hearts and flowers and promises of forever, but he’d expects something from Finn. What he gets is being pushed away and kept at arm’s length while Finn works through what the hell ever he is working so hard to keep from Cannon. So while Cannon waits for Finn to come around, he searches for a job, only finding a possibility in an ER in Phoenix, although working in that situation still scares the hell out of him. Then the teacher who he covered for while she was on maternity leave, the entire reason he came to Mountain Shadows, gives him another option and he can’t wait to share it with Finn.

When Cannon left for Atlanta to tie up loose ends, Finn was faced with the worst possible scenario—Lassiter, the student who accused Finn’s brother of rape, showing up at his door offering to console him. It only went downhill from there. Now that Cannon’s back, Finn can’t bring himself to tell Cannon all that transpired while he was gone, nor can he seem to tell Cannon that the kid is still blackmailing him emotionally. So in order to keep Cannon safe, Finn pushes him away until Cannon delivers the news that he may be coming back to the college to teach—the same place where Finn teaches, where Lassiter goes to school. And Finn can’t bear the thought of Lassiter getting to Cannon.  But Cannon is made of stronger stuff than that and when he is determined, he will get the truth from Finn. It’s what he does with that truth that is the true test to their relationship.

Cold Day in Hell is the final book in Lee Brazil’s In From the Cold series. And Bravo. This one is everything I’d expected from Finn and Cannon. Of all the Mountain Shadows guys, I think Finn and Cannon have had the toughest time connecting from day one, so it was nice to see that even in their darkest hour, Cannon wasn’t giving up. Instead, he was pushing for more. It shows real growth in his character. And Finn, lo and behold, is finally taken down a notch or two in his whole save the world campaign. But I think what I loved most about these guys is the solidity that they’ve formed. Even though Cannon spends most of this story worrying about why Finn is keeping him at a distance, he never worries that Finn doesn’t want him. He knows better. So he gives Finn time until he can’t take anymore then seduces the truth right out of Finn. Way to go, Cannon.

Maybe my only complaint is that I expected more excitement from this story and I didn’t get it. The whole Lassiter twist has a lot of potential to cause some real damage, and the way the author used it at the end to teach Cannon a lesson is good, but I was hoping for something gripping in the last hour of this series. Not to say that it wasn’t good. It so was. But I have grown so fond of Cannon and Finn in a way I wasn’t sure possible in the beginning, so I wanted fireworks or explosions (figuratively, of course) or something.

All in all, Finn and Cannon’s story cemented a relationship that was beyond shaky from day one. Finally, I believe in a happily ever after for these guys. I loved this story. I may have wanted more, and it’s probably because I simply didn’t want it to end, but I try loved this story. I definitely recommend Cold Day in Hell by Lee Brazil.

Note: Cold Day in Hell is the fourth book in the In From The Cold series by Lee Brazil and must be read in order.

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