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Length: Short Story

Carlo is unsure of where he is at the moment. That must be because he is hanging upside down in the helicopter that was just shot down in a war torn country. Who should come to his assistance but Ky, his secret crush during his days at university. Being a rugby player, Ky still has an athletic build, and the years have been a friend to him. Ky is now working undercover and takes charge of Carlo’s extraction. Painfully shy Carlo always thought Ky was straight, but the attraction is still there and, if they can survive the mission, there may be just be a chance to act on an old attraction.

This is a well written, engaging short story. The operative word being short. And for that reason there is not a whole lot I can possibly tell you. Carlo cannot believe Ky is the one coming to his rescue and the attraction he always had for Ky still flares even through his broken bones. The guys seek refuge together and, although brief, their story has just enough back story to hold our attention all the way through as both men are interesting and they build a connection. There is minimal action as most of the story is the aftermath of the helicopter crash and it is not clear exactly how long it has been since the men have seen each other or even what year it is. And, being in a war torn country it is not made clear how Ky is communicating to arrange extraction.

There is just a bit of closure on what may lie ahead for Carlo and Ky on a personal level anyway. The ending could be their beginning, and there is the overall feel that the story does read like a scene from a larger action story. For a quick read, with attraction from old friends, and a small side of action, check out DMZ.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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