Just a GameRating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Short Story

Bryan barely knows his new neighbor Ben, but agrees to have Ben come over to watch the hockey game. Ben does not know that his roommate, Tim, has a man in his room at the time, but Ben is all too familiar with how loud Tim can be. With the sounds of sex too loud to ignore and gay porn on the TV, desires never experienced before awaken in both Ben and Bryan.

This is a short story, a very short story. It is not trying to be a novel and therefore has limited character development. It is just an erotic, fun tale of two seemingly straight men being attracted to each other. A few hockey games, a few beers, and a night out in an unexpected setting has desires flaring to life. There are plenty of areas where the characters could have been further developed and the story takes on the subject of attraction and love between the men in broad strokes. But, that’s what the story is. It’s erotic, it’s fast paced, and can be read very quickly. It’s a good choice when you have just a few minutes to start as well as end a story with likable characters, unexpected attraction, and heat.

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