Kiss Yesterday GoodbyeRating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

Aidan is working his last day as a temp at Jon’s publishing company. He has noticed Jon, and Jon has certainly noticed Aidan, but Jon’s last break up prevents him from moving forward with anyone. Aidan gathers the courage to make his move and an evening of hot sex results. Although feelings were most definitely involved, it was supposed to be just one night. When a violent confrontation with Aidan’s homophobic landlord leaves him injured and homeless, Jon and his friends come to his aid.

Jon has intense feelings for Aidan, but the scars of his last relationship and the subsequent betrayal he endured have left him terrified to date again. The more time he spends with Aidan, the less time Jon wants to live in the past and he starts to have thoughts of moving forward. But Aidan realizes he has something in common with Jon’s ex and it’s the one thing that could have Jon running from him as well.

For a short story, the story progressed at a good pace. Sure, the guys are in bed together in the first few pages, but they have been circling each other for the past month. When Aidan reaches out to Jon, Jon gives into his desires. The men both know there is more there, but Jon runs. We get a sense of Aidan, his current living conditions, and estrangement from his family. His lack of contact with his family is mentioned a few times, as well as Jon’s family situation, but there is not enough time to get into what exactly happened with either family.

Through a set of circumstances the men spend time together and start to find what they need in each other. And, whether good or bad, everyone seems to get what they deserve by the end of the story. Perhaps because it is a shorter story, some of the words pulled me out at times and instead of the enjoying the moment, I was contemplating the adjective in the sentence, “Jon’s smile was beatific.”

If you are looking for a short story with heat, two guys with a bit of emotional baggage perhaps finding love, and finally just moving on with it all, Kiss Yesterday Goodbye is a good choice.

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