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Working with his best friend is the best Jesse can ask for. As a vampire, Gideon is unlike most of his race. Something happened to him decades ago—something he hasn’t yet shared with Jesse—that set him on the path of helping the human race instead of using, playing with, and then discarding their bodies the way he used to. Gideon is not the vampire he used to be and Jesse knows that about him, loves that about him, but he wouldn’t do anything to lose the friendship he has with Gideon. So Jesse does what he does best: works at Gideon’s side and supports him in any way possible.

throwback thursdayWhen a city official’s son is savagely murdered, the father hires Gideon Investigations to find who or what killed his son. While Gideon is following a lead at a warehouse, Jesse takes it upon himself to search the alley. That’s when everything changes for Jesse and Gideon. Gideon comes out of nowhere and all but attacks Jesse in every way he ever dreamed. Finally. The sex is amazing and Jesse is certain it’s the first step to changing the relationship he always knew they could have. But when Gideon wakes up the next morning, he sees the bite marks all over Jesse and immediately regrets everything that happened. Gideon can’t explain why he did what he did, but he swears to Jesse it will never happen again, no matter if Jesse wants it to or not.

Gideon wants Jesse, but his desires lean more toward the dark side, and he’d never expect Jesse to be that for him. He wants better for Jesse. When the guys discover that Gideon had been drugged with a human drugs laced with magic known as obsidian, they go in search of its source. That search takes them to Sangre, a vampire BDSM club where Gideon and Jesse’s relationship changes forever. In Gideon, Jesse finds the man he always knew he wanted—dominant, caring, tender, and tough. And, in Jesse, Gideon discovers the man he never knew he could have—submissive, needy, giving, strong, and loyal. But at the same time, they put themselves in the path of a killer who has little care for human life.

Master of Obsidian is the first book in Jamie Craig’s Master Chronicles.

Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to the very first m/m romance book I ever read. Ever. There’s a story behind that and if you haven’t heard it, you can ask me later. But here’s the important thing to remember throughout the four, almost five years, I’ve been reading m/m: this book and these characters have remained with me. This story is strong from beginning to end. The second scene is one of the most intense scenes, emotionally and sexually. And the story remains on that level. Whether the author is focusing on romance, mystery, action, drama, and so on, the level of intensity in this story only deepens as the plot thickens. It’s spellbinding and perfect.

Jesse is this bookish geek, who—let’s be honest—we can all probably relate to. And he’s in love, head over heels with his best friend, who also happens to be a vampire. Jesse is the kickass part of this team, believe it or not. Never mind being geek sexy, he’s strong and hard headed, but he’s also the brains and heart of the operation. Gideon is simply the face, muscle, and reputation. But what a reputation it is. I am not gonna give anything away, but Gideon’s past is… messy is a good word for it. Where Jesse is the golden boy, the picture of innocence in this story, Gideon is the dark and gritty side. He’s done and seen things that make him feel that he has things to make up for. And for those reasons, he doesn’t feel worthy of Jesse. This is the great thing about these two. They are literally night and day, vampire and human, good and not so good. But when they come together, they are fire and passion and intensity in one big ball of lusty goodness.

The chemistry between Jesse and Gideon is a big part of this story and it has a lot to do with their friendship, but it also has to do with Gideon’s need for dominance and Jesse’s need to please him. The BDSM aspect of this story is not as evident at first, but then it’s in your face. The sexuality of this story is brutal and scorching. It’s uncomfortable at times (especially for an m/m “virgin”—you’ll have to take my word), but also very hot. A couple warnings for those who need warning: if sex with others is not your cuppa, you should know there’s a big ol’ steamy orgy in this story and, if you’re squeamish, this story has a fair amount of violence and blood, as well as the beginnings of hardcore BDSM—whipping, bondage, and punishment.

Outside of the romance, the suspense of the mystery and the paranormal world is amazing. It’s hard for me to focus on just this book when speaking in terms of this world because I’ve read the entire series, but I will say, with this book, Craig opens up a world of vampires and magic, or blood and gore, of secrets and lies that is both dark and beautiful. And in it, this author brings a story of deceit and murder. It’s full of twists and turns and ups and downs. It’s seriously good.

So yes, I love this book, even after all this time. I was excited to get the chance to read it once more and happy to learn my love for this book wasn’t a fluke. I still love it. Great characters. Fiery chemistry. Intense plot. I highly recommend Master of Obsidian by Jamie Craig.

Note: Master of Obsidian is the first of eleven books in the Master Chronicles by Jamie Craig. I’m not sure that I’ll have the chance to review the rest of the series, so I want to drop a little tidbit here. This series does shift from m/m to m/m/f, with plenty of interaction between Jesse and Gideon. Craig does a great job keeping focus on Jesse and Gideon while adding girly parts in the mix. There is also the element of hardcore BDSM and blood play that is pretty prominent throughout the series, but Gideon is a vampire so some of it is to be expected.

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