Nelson & CalebRating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella

Retired cop Nelson is now a security guard and spends his down time working with therapy dogs. He also finds time for anonymous club sex when the mood strikes him. He doesn’t let himself dream about having anything more from a relationship.

Caleb knows Nelson as the security guard in the building he works in. Caleb’s broken foot has kept him out of the office for a while and Caleb is surprised to run into Nelson at the hospital.

A hurricane unexpectedly strands Caleb at Nelson’s house. Caleb is attracted to Nelson, but can’t get a read on Nelson who is hot one minute and cold the next. Waiting out the storm with scared dogs, a wayward cat, and mixed emotions has Nelson and Caleb not knowing what to expect next.

Nelson & Caleb is the 5th novella in the Storming Love series and can be read as a stand alone. There is a lot of good in this story. There is acceptance, friendship, and the hope of companionship. There is a real life quality that not every relationship matches up perfectly.

I had a more difficult time connecting to these guys romantically. They make great friends, but lack a certain spark. For a big bear of a guy, Nelson is insecure physically and it plays out accordingly, and we barely get to know Caleb. It’s not a long story and the focus is on the scene at hand. There were some slow parts, which were needed for the type of story this is telling, but my interest was not fully captured all of the way through. The animals kind of stole the show and perhaps the best scene is what happens on the bed in the spare room.

The writing is well done overall and the aspects of the storm have us in the moment. This is a good choice for a story where relationships aren’t perfect and not everyone is a perfect fit, even if there is attraction. This is the story of Nelson and Caleb and what may be revealed during a storm.

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