Summer FeverRating: 3 stars
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Length: Novella

After just graduating high school, Axel is enjoying a solo hike through the mountains of Norway. Trying to escape thoughts of his cheating and abusive ex, as well as his so-called friends, he is enjoying the solitude. When he takes off his clothes to swim in the cool lake water, the last thing he expects is a handsome man to appear on shore.

Folke is enjoying the quiet and seclusion of his cabin as he writes his next novel. When he happens upon a naked Axel, he is immediately drawn to the man. Inviting Axel to his cabin, Folke is concerned about their almost ten-year age difference. Axel of course thinks Folke is not attracted to his red hair and freckles, as everyone has always made fun of him for it.

Heading back out into the woods to continue his hike, nature has other plans for Axel and when the real world finds its way into their secluded retreat, Axel may have to adjust to the fact that Folke was just a summer fling.

The story opens strong with Axel trying to forget his problems while hiking and swimming in the wild. When Axel and Folke first see each other there is immediate attraction, but Folke is worried about their age difference and Axel is concerned about his appearance. Axel’s abusive boyfriend has left Axel insecure, if not somewhat traumatized.

There are too many plots and storylines working for a short book. There just was not enough time to fully develop and resolve all of it. There were a lot of issues that stood out. After Axel has an accident, the conversation between Folke and the medical personnel about his treatment did not make the most sense. Folke then has to return home to Denmark and the reason is just not believable once he gets there. Axel’s mother, okay, although she should have known, maybe she really had no idea what was going on, but she automatically took the side of the ex and the so-called friends over Axel.  When confronted with Axel’s ex in her own home, she stays outside of the room not doing anything, which then sets up the scene allowing Folke to be the hero. The writing was somewhat stilted and lacked flow at times and the epilogue did not add much to the overall conclusion.

Unfortunately I did not find much to enjoy on this one and Summer Fever is not one I would easily recommend.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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