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Length: Novel

Fairies are not exactly what people imagine them to be. The proof of this fact can be found by looking at Vic, a fairy who lives in Holmbush wood.  Gray-brown and four feet tall with a mane of hair, these nature loving creatures never fall in love with humans. Well, almost never.

Everyone knows that John is gay, well, except John, it seems.  Dumped by his girlfriend of over a year, John is not devastated by the situation. In fact he feels some relief and decides to take his boss’ advice and take a few days off to figure things out for himself.  While wandering the woods with his dog, John comes across a most unusual sight: two diminutive gray-brown creatures fucking each other’s brains out.  The next thing John knows, he is back in his car with no idea as to what happened.

Vic was one of the creatures in the clearing and realized in that short time, as is normal for fairies, that he is in love with the man from the clearing.  Consulting with an old friend, Vic journeys to the Warden of the Down, a powerful dragon, and asks a favor: to make him human.  The dragon agrees with one condition: if John speaks Vic’s real name, Vic will turn back into a fairy.

A now human-looking Vic seduces John at a pub, and the attraction is too strong to resist. John is thrilled with the sex and figures someone like Vic must have something else going on, a wife, criminal record, something, since Vic is too good to be true.

Years before, a magician almost magically bound Vic, nearly making Vic nothing more than a slave, but the magician was missing one key piece of information: Vic’s true name.  Strangely enough, John’s boss, Merrick, is the magician, and Merrick recognizes Vic for what he truly is. Since their last encounter, Merrick has also discovered Vic’s true name. Now John has a choice: take Vic’s side or say Vic’s true name, thus turning Vic back into a fairy.

The Catch is a modern day fairy tale that puts a unique spin on what a fairy looks and acts like. These fairies ain’t your childhood Tinkerbell, that’s for sure.

John is your typical closet case. You know the type, the one where the entire world knows they are gay and yet they are in denial.  What I found interesting about John is that he decides to just come out, be gay and end the hiding but, as the story progresses, we discover that he has had sex with men before, and I was baffled.  This did not make sense based on what we had already learned about John.

The fairies were neat, yes neat.  There was a whole new and interesting slant to them and their societal norms, which helped with the whole “love at first sight” thing, as well as Vic’s somewhat obsessive behavior.  I would have to say that the fairies and the Warden were the best part of the story for those very reasons.

The plot and premise of The Catch were well thought out and executed, but where it was lacking was with the humans.  John and Merrick were, if not confusing, at least not as well defined and both seemed to be lacking the depth that I would expect from a main character and a key secondary character.

The end result for me was a pretty quick and enjoyable read, even if there were some aspects that were lacking and to be honest, if a sequel comes out (as I hope one will) featuring two of the secondary characters who had some serious sparks flying between them, I will be on that book so fast, your heads will spin.

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