The Dating GameRating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella

Five dates, no sex. That is the challenge set forth by Nathan when he reconnects with Owen.

When they were at school together, Owen and Nathan both had crushes on each other, but Nathan was not dating guys at the time and Owen was busy with many guys.  When Owen and Nathan see each other again at a bar one night, Owen propositions Nathan. Nathan is not looking for casual sex and challenges Owen to date him. Nathan is a bit surprised when Owen accepts his challenge. Owen is fully expecting that Nathan won’t be able to keep his hands off of him anyway. Soon Owen starts to care what Nathan thinks about him and proving his character becomes important. Five dates, no sex. Can they make it before one of them caves in?

Owen is at a complete loss for words when Nathan not only shows up at the bar, but has completely come out. He finds his moment and gets right to propositioning Nathan. Almost as a joke, Nathan suggests the five sex-free dates. Owen sees it as a challenge and sees Nathan as a conquest.

The story is light as the guys progress through the dates. The first date is awkward for both men as neither has much experience with actual dating. The dialogue, however, is also a bit awkward, stilted, and overly formal at times. The guys take turns planning the dates and stakes get raised as they try to impress each other. The dates were kind of slow moving and of the same format, with an activity, a meal, and the sexual tension ramping up with each date. There is a bit of conflict with a misunderstanding, but overall the angst meter is low.

The story overall is light and endearing as two guys try to get to know each other and form a relationship bond before having sex. A good choice for sexual tension, teasing, great chemistry, and a slow build to a simple story.

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