Wicked ReflectionRating: 5 stars
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Length: Novel

Ryan has finally realized his dream, buying his first house. Three floors of amazing real estate complete with its very own ghost. But when that ghost begins to leave disturbing messages on the bathroom mirror, Ryan is unsure whether they are warnings or threats. After his new neighbor runs off someone who is trying to break into Ryan’s home and then creepily shows up in his bedroom in the middle of the night, Ryan’s misgivings increase exponentially. Then a private investigator turns up, the mirror messages turn decidedly strange, and life as Ryan had always known it takes a decided turn for the worse and he clings to the one anchor in his life, his boyfriend, Damon. Now the two of them are fighting for their lives and a ghost may be their only savior.

Wicked Reflection by Hank Edwards is another little gem of a mystery wrapped in a bit of the macabre—something this author does with excellence. As usual his characters are genuine and well rounded, making the reader feel as though they have known them well before they are revealed on the page. Ryan is a capable and strong man who morphs into a shattered, nearly defeated victim by story’s end. As one nightmarish event after another pulls our hero down into its malevolent clutches, we watch with growing horror at the idea that both Ryan and Damon may not survive.

Edwards weaves a good mystery and I found myself shocked by the revelations in this story. I also found myself devouring this novel, delighted with its fast-paced action suspense and surprising plot twists. Even though we had stepped into a world filled with paranormal disturbances, the author kept us grounded in reality by making his leading man so vulnerable and down to earth. Fans of this author will be delighted with Wicked Reflection. I know I certainly was not disappointed!

All in all, this novel delivered the goods: action, romance, a good old-fashioned scare, and some really twisted bad guys. Hank Edwards excels in this genre and never fails to deliver.

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