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Length: Novel

Mitch Grant joined the Blue Mountain pack when his twin brother, Frederick, took over as Alpha. Mitch is actually an Alpha too, but he is more of a loner and has no interested in leading, so instead he helps support his brother.  Both Mitch and Freddie have always longed for mates, but so far, only Freddy has been lucky enough to find his. When reports come of an unknown shifter on Blue Mountain lands, the shifter’s blood makes it clear to Mitch that he has finally found the man he has been waiting for.

Simon Moorehead has always spent his life running. After being kicked out of their pack when Simon was 12, he and has mother have spent their lives drifting from place to place and just trying to survive. Simon is a rare male Omega wolf, meaning he craves caring for and pleasing others. But he has learned that his Omega status, along with being gay, have made him vulnerable to wolves who seek to harm and take advantage of him. Simon has learned to ignore his instincts and focus on projecting strength at all times, lest someone try to hurt him.

When Mitch tells Simon they are mates, Simon’s brain tells him to get away from the huge hulking man. He has no interest in a mate or a pack; all he wants to do is get away to safety. Although Simon feels the pull toward Mitch, the desire to be protected and cared for, he knows better than to let down his guard after being hurt too many times. Mitch is gentle and patient with Simon, and convinces him to stay with him for a month and give things a try.

Slowly Simon begins to trust Mitch, to know he won’t harm him and believe that Simon can let down his guard. Mitch doesn’t push, and gives Simon the time and space he needs to accept his instincts that are screaming for him to be with Mitch. It is not easy for either man, but with a lot of love and patience, Simon may finally come to believe he can have the support of a pack and Mitch’s love after all.

Blue Mountain is the first book of author Cardeno C’s new Pack series. It is a sweet story that follows Simon’s recovery from a terrified man who has put up walls to protect himself, to someone who can accept comfort and support and really believe in love and family.

Cardeno C does a great job really letting us see the pain that both these guys are going through. Simon has been on the run his whole life.  He works to suppress his Omega instincts, constantly fighting to be strong and not show any weakness. It is exhausting, but he knows no other way.  His life has been too dangerous to let his guard down. So when he meets the huge hulking Mitch, Simon does what he always does and tries to fight and run from the trouble. I really enjoyed seeing him slowly learn to focus on his instincts, to realize he can open himself up to Mitch and that Mitch will care for and love him. We also really see how this isn’t one sided. Mitch is in pain too. He has finally found his mate, something he has been dreaming of, and Simon doesn’t want him. We can feel how hard that is for Mitch, and how much he struggles to be patient and caring and give Simon time, hoping he can win him over and won’t lose his mate. I’ll admit, Mitch’s actions when they first meet aren’t necessarily putting his best foot forward, but he quickly comes to realize that Simon needs love and patience and a lot of time, and Mitch is willing to do anything for him.

Because Mitch is generally a private person, and Simon is terrified of meeting the rest of the pack, this story is really focused almost exclusively on the two men. We do meet Mitch’s brother and sister-in-law, but most of the story is watching the developing relationship between Simon and Mitch. The story doesn’t follow a traditional arc, in that the conflict is set from the beginning and we are watching it slowly resolve over the course of the story. I actually enjoyed this build, following along as these men slowly come together and find happiness, so I didn’t feel like it was missing anything. But if you are looking for a third act complication or climactic ending, this book doesn’t have that.

I am a big fan of Cardeno C’s writing, so I am really excited about this new shifter series. I found this a really sweet, warm story, and I loved seeing these guys slowly build their relationship. They are both such lovely men, I was happy to see them finally figure it all out and come together.  So nice story and great start to the series.

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