Crash PadRating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

Foolish Jamie thinks that the best way to meet cute roller blade guy is to, you guessed it, take up rollerblading.  Sadly, his first and most likely last attempt results in a collision with runner, Remy Marshall.  Jamie should have stuck to running himself.

Feeling guilty for the collision, Remy takes Jamie to the ER and then, because Jamie is new to the city and alone, home to care for the stunning man.  The attraction and sexual tension are high but Jamie’s ex, Vince, has left Jamie gun-shy, suffering from nightmares of his physical and sexual abuse.  Things seem to be going well for the two men until Vince shows up demanding Jamie return with him.

Short and sweet, a good amount of angst, and what I am starting to call “typical male communication”, meaning none, or at least not enough to prevent many of the conflicts between Jamie and Remy.  I found myself caring for both of the guys as they were, in my opinion, well written and defined, which is always nice in a short story.

The abusive ex-boyfriend is a solid theme and, in this case, showed how Jamie has evolved and his behavior shows that he is far from healed after his experiences.  I did wonder how Jamie could keep his new job after being off on sick leave for six weeks.  Not many companies that I know of would be that understanding.

For a short story, I really liked it and will probably re-read it when I need a story with solid, believable characters and a light dose of angst.

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