Eight NightsRating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella

After taking care of his dying father, twenty-year old Lucas is in his first semester of college. With no family to celebrate the holidays with his plan is to stay on campus. He could use a break from the constant partying of his roommate Sam anyway. When Sam’s mother invites Lucas to celebrate Chanukah with them, she will not take no for an answer. Sharing a room with Sam’s brother Nate, Lucas is trying to hide his attraction to him. When Nate makes a move on Lucas, they spend the week looking forward to getting back to Nate’s room. Nate is way more experienced than virgin Lucas and is definitely not looking for a boyfriend. But, as Lucas and Nate spend the week together, Nate realizes a boyfriend may just have found him.

throwback thursdayThere are not many Chanukah stories in general and it was fun to find one in the M/M genre. And, the fact that there are eight chapters in the book did not go unnoticed. This is a sweeter, lighter, first love, low angst story. There is a touch of the holiday celebrations, a touch of family time, and a touch of the beginning of a relationship between Nate and Lucas. Nate and Lucas find they have many things in common and wind up being really good for each other.

Nate and Sam do not get along and Nate has always felt second place to his brother. Their relationship is not explored in depth, but they constantly send jabs to each other. So then when Sam does stand up for Nate at one point, there is not enough to go on to fully understand their relationship. We also are only shown a small portion of what Nate is really all about and there is a whole interesting side to him yet to explore. The story is well written and it is engaging to watch Lucas and Nate begin to find what they need in each other. The story is short and that is the only other area I have comment on. It’s not simply the fact that it is shorter, because I have developed an appreciation for the novella. But, Eight Nights has an unfinished feel. It takes us just up to a certain point and then ends. There is a second story available that continues on, but as a book on its own, the ending is rushed. I did enjoy the characters as well as the story we are given and would definitely recommend it for a coming of age, holiday story with the knowledge that there is another book to move on to.

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