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Length: Novella

When his thirty-year reunion comes around, Jett Walker is ready to blow it off. A transplant to New York City, Jett grew up in Louisville, Kentucky where there was one gay kid in his graduating class: Trev Chambers. Jett has no plans to go to the reunion, especially since he divorced his wife fifteen years ago, telling her he’s gay.  He is now living his happy gay life in NYC… although no one in Louisville knows. So no, he wasn’t planning on going. Until the news hit that Trev Chambers would be reuniting his one-hit-wonder punk band for the reunion. Now the reunion and Trev are all Jett can think about.

In high school, Jett was the football star and he knew then he was gay, but he wasn’t as brave as Trev. No one was as brave as Trev in Jett’s eyes. Trev was his own person and Jett wanted to know him, but he was afraid. He wanted more, but he was afraid of that too. Now it’s thirty years later and he has a chance.

When Jett RSVPs to the reunion and they ask him for his bio info—job, family, life information—he panics and tells his best friend Tatum he’s thinking about not going, at which time she kicks his ass into gear. Except he decides to find Trev and learns he lives only a few hours away. When they track him down, Jett is surprised to find that Trev remembers him. The weekend trip turns into a weekend to remember. Not only does Trev remember Jett, but their past is not all they have in common. One weekend leads to phone calls and more weekends, but Jett is still set on going to the reunion with Tatum and ducking back in his Louisville closet, and even Trev agrees to go along with it. But in order to pull it off, Jett has to control Tatum and Trev’s friends and that’s just not possible. If Jett can’t man up before the reunion is over, he may lose the man he’s been dreaming of his entire life.

I really really liked this book. First, the fact that both MCs are over forty is a plus. It’s not very often that we have that in this genre. And they’re written so well and convincingly so, to boot. I enjoyed the heck out of Jett and Trev. Jett frustrated me at times, but I think you have to have that character that’s not quite so perfect. I mean his insistence on not coming out to the Louisville crowd is ridiculous to some, but to a man in his forties who only came out in his thirties, it’s a big deal. So, yeah, I got it. And Trev. He’s precious—completely patient and sexy and understanding and giving of every single part of himself. I fell in love with him the minute I met him on page.

This story is full of sweet moments and frustrating ones and heart wrenching ones. The author does something with her subplot that impressed me. I don’t want to go into it too deeply because it’s both sweet and sad, but she took something devastating and used it to bring Jett and Trev closer together. I loved that, and what I loved more is I didn’t realize it was happening until the book was over.

The story is a bit on the predictable side. I mean there’s really only one way it can go, which is my only quibble and it’s not really a quibble more of an observation. I had a great time reading this one. Not once was I bored or let down, not even when I realized that what I knew was going to happen was about to happen. Like I said it was a sweet story, just predictable.

So yes. Flesh and Kisses by Vivien Dean. Cute. Sweet. Recommended.

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