Just This OnceRating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Short Story

Nick and Seth knew each other as kids. Seth was the one bullied and Nick did not do much to stop it. Years later they are working for the same company and have become close friends. Seth has always known he was gay. Seeing Seth all grown up has brought hidden desires to the surface for Nick, but Nick has no idea how to tell Seth.

Nick has an idea, an idea of how to get closer to Seth. One night has the men sharing more than they ever thought possible. They said it wouldn’t change their friendship, but everything becomes awkward and strained. When Nick sees another man interested in Seth, he just may have to take a chance and tell Seth how he really feels before he is lost to him forever.

To me, there are two ways this story can be viewed. One is that Nick’s idea is just unbelievably ridiculous. The other, the way I have decided to view this story, is that this is an erotic fantasy piece. When we meet Nick and Seth, they have been friends for a while and have put their childhood behind them for the most part. It is difficult to like Nick at first as he is pretty much lying to Seth about so many things, but Seth goes along with the proposition and there are hints that there is more going on with Seth as well. Emotions and desires flare to life as Nick asks Seth to help him learn about a few things. The dialog, just a few times, comes off as scripted, but the erotic scenes are well written, and for a story short in length there are two heated encounters.

We do not get to see the guys interact much as friends as that part of their relationship is already established when the story opens. The story is them getting together initially, the fallout, and then the guys trying to put their relationship back together. But, it moves quickly and is over quickly. Just This Once is a good choice for a short, erotic fantasy.

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