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Length: Short Story

Horatio Muir, Army MP, is tasked with the job of providing security for the government’s genetically engineered super solider, KLT23.  Horatio calls him Kelty, but never out loud.  He thinks the man is beautiful and sweet.  When Kelty starts sporting an erection that won’t go away, the scientists are baffled.  Kelty won’t masturbate, and he’s not interested in any of the females they bring in.  With his temperature rising and his hormones out of control, they are desperate to find the solution before they lose him.  Kelty wants Muir, and asks for him.  Muir is more than happy to help the young man with his problem.

This story is short, so you just have to take the leap and jump right in, accepting what is on the page.  And if you do, then you’re in for a great little read.  There’s not a whole lot of world building here, but there doesn’t need to be.  We’re given all the pertinent information, enough to know what’s going on, and it’s easy to just kind of throw yourself in to the story.

Horatio Muir is all kind of fantastic.  He does his job for the paycheck, willing to overlook the genetic engineering, and just goes about his day.  And he certainly enjoys looking at Kelty.  What I liked here was that he saw Kelty as a person, despite being grown in a lab, whereas the others saw Kelty more as a thing, an experiment.  He’s formed a connection with Kelty, albeit a small one, but there’s room for it to grow.  When these guys took the step to having sex, which was totally hot, that connection made things more believable.

Welsh does a really great job with Kelty too.  He’s got the right mix of innocence from his sheltered, lab-born life and intelligence.  The man has got a super brain, he can learn anything they tell him.  I really liked the way he was portrayed.  And when the real reason for his constant erection comes to light, I could do nothing but grin.

I really enjoyed this story.  Do yourself a favor, don’t think too hard about the whys and the hows, just pick this up and give it a read.  Take it for what it is, and you’ll have a great little story on your hands, with enough sweet and heat thrown in for serious enjoyment.

Note: This is a revised, expanded and re-released story.  We reviewed the original version here.

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