McFarland's FarmStory Rating: 4.5 stars
Audio Rating: 4.75 stars

Narrator: Paul Morey
Length: 2 hours, 34 minutes

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Since we have already reviewed this on the blog, I am not going to do a full scale review of McFarland’s Farm.  Check out Jay’s review if you want all the details.  But here is a brief synopsis of the story followed by my thoughts on the audio performance.

Raised with a strong sense of entitlement, Lucas Reika doesn’t think twice about taking what he wants, whether it be his father’s money or the next piece of ass.  When another bad decision leads to chaos at his father’s flagship restaurant, Lucas is given an ultimatum: leave town to stay at Jared McFarland’s farm and get his act together or be cut off for good.

Jared McFarland is a sweet, hardworking farmer in the small town of Hope, Arizona, who has had a crush on Lucas for years, and the idea of the object of his desire living with him for two months is inconceivable.

As the men work together, they gain a new appreciation for each other and realize that their preconceived notions of each other are, in fact, wrong. The fact that Lucas has had the biggest crush on Jared for years adds tension to the mix and, although they both feel the attraction, neither is willing to speak their mind and risk humiliation, regardless of the potential for something more.

Wow!  You seriously could not get a better opposites attract pairing than Jared and Lucas.  Both sound hot in such different ways, especially Jared.  Did I mention that Jared sounded hot?  Oh yeah.  Physical characteristics aside, the two guys had such great depth and history, with each other, but more importantly with the world in which they exist.  References are made to past events and people, which made McFarland’s Farm feel that much more like reality.

Cardeno C. has always shown skill in creating characters and world building and this no exception.  My one complaint would be that it was too short.  I really would have liked to see the conflict stretched out and strengthened, similar to other stories I have read.

I was pleased when I found out that the story is read by one of my favorite narrators, Paul Morey, and I was certainly not disappointed by his performance.  With smooth pace, great tone, and great editing that left no discernible gaps in the performance, I never got pulled out of the story as I often do with other narrators.  I was very impressed with the vocal characterizations of not only Jared and Lucas, but also pleased that the few secondary characters also had their own unique vocal quality.

I am a big fan of short stories and novellas and did enjoy this one but wished it had been a bit longer, but to be honest, I say that about all of Cardeno C’s stories.  A solid story and narrative job that I can easily recommend.

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