Never Too EarlyRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Jake and Tor fans out there? Chance and Tucker fans out there? Yes? This is the book for you!

Jake and Tor from Bareback fame are still settled into their life on the ranch and their relationship is stronger than ever. Not only are they still hot for each other, but the communication between them is more open than it has ever been and they check in with each other about everything.  Chance and Tucker, from the Firefighters series, are still living near the beach in California and working as firemen. Their relationship is settled and going strong. Every day isn’t perfect and their schedules and personalities can lead to misunderstandings. But, they have a deep love for each other, are still insanely attracted to each other, and have no interest in other men. A few days away at the Kentucky Derby has the two couples meeting each other and a friendship grows.

Tucker and Tor are trouble together. They form a fast friendship, texting, skyping, and telling jokes. Jake and Chance are more alike than they realize or want to admit and their friendship is slower to grow and is on a deeper emotional level. An unlikely friendship brings out questions and jealousies, and when Jake is injured, two couples who are committed to each other have to take a second look at their relationships.

So fun to see Jake and Tor and Chance and Tucker again. This book is almost everything I wanted it to be and nothing that I didn’t. First, the characters have the same voice as they did in their previous books and it is really easy to connect with them once again. Second, there is polished writing, a good flow, and great continuity to the story from the previous books.

We check in with both couples and see where they all stand. This part read in some ways as an extended epilogue and it would be difficult to connect well with this story if you are not familiar with the characters from each of their original series. It is so very cool to see how far Jake and Tor have come in their relationship after the heartbreak of the previous book. They are stable, make a point to talk and check in with each other, and are still so in love with each other. While Chance and Tucker are settled as well and are deeply committed to each other, the two relationships are not the same, which adds diversity.

The entire story is a slow build. The guys meet and start a long distance friendship. It’s all out in the open and there are no secrets. At times, the only hesitation is that it is a bit too slow. But, it does work really well for where the men are in their relationships and is needed to establish the friendships, as nobody is looking to add any partners. Tucker and Tor are very similar in personality, while their counterparts, Chance and Jake are similar as well. When the couples originally got together, both relationships had an opposites attract kind of feel, and now what is going on with the friendships is more like-speaks-to-like. The four men build a strong emotional relationship, until, well, Jake falls off the roof and emotions go wild. They all know they cannot exist without their current relationships, but start to have different emotional needs. While it is sad to see this in some ways for these couples, it happens in the best of relationships, and it is unique that everyone is open to and willing to discuss what is happening.

The story ends with everybody recognizing that something unique and special is going on with the four of them. There is no heartbreak in this book and it remains to be seen if anybody’s heart, including mine, will get broken in the next installment, which is tentatively scheduled to be released in early 2015. Will I be coming back for the next one? Hell yeah! It’s at the very top of my list.

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