New BeginningsRating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella

Urban and Tyler have been together for eight years. Having met in college, they now own a home together. Urban is completely in love with Tyler and is perfectly content with their life. Until Tyler tells Urban that they “need space.”

The space consists of Tyler moving to the guest room and Urban did not see any of this coming. With his mind reeling, Urban has not even begun to wrap his head around what is going on with Tyler. When things are not quite what they seem, perhaps this is not the end, but a new beginning.

When Urban gets his world completely flipped upside just days before his birthday, the story starts out going in one direction, but shifts quickly as we see exactly what Tyler was thinking. And, maybe not the most well thought out thought process all the way around.

There is not much then that can be further said about the plot as it would open up all kinds of spoilers. Urban is quirky, witty, and sarcastic, and knows exactly how to play off of Tyler. There is relationship tension and sexual tension all rolled together for this established couple. There is humor, banter, one liners, Finding Nemo sleep pants, and there is also a public restroom (I will allow you to decide if that is a preferred venue).  There are a few editing issues with flower “peddles” being used and a few random typos.

The story is ultimately light, featuring love, wrapped around a deep friendship, and keeping a relationship fresh.

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