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It’s been two months since Charlie has learned the secrets of Amos’ past, though he’s yet to tell his lover. The guys have been through so much as of late that Charlie just isn’t sure how to broach the subject. But when Amos goes out of town and Damon asks Charlie to tell Amos because Damon is afraid of losing yet another member of his family to lies or deceit, Charlie faces the daunting task. Luckily he has his brother at his side and hopefully when all is said and done he’ll have his lover with them to complete their family.

Terra Firma is the fifth and final installment in T.A. Webb’s Earthquake series in the Pulp Friction 2104 serial.

This is how you end a series. I have been glued to Charlie’s and Amos’ story since day one, always kept wondering and waiting with whatever tasty morsel Webb chose to leave me with at the end of each installment, and this final story… well, it’s perfection. It’s everything I’ve hoped for Charlie, Amos, and Damon. Everything—and I do mean everything—is finally tied up in this story. Webb does such a wonderful job at bringing Charlie, Amos, and Damon together as a family unit so cohesively that when trouble arises they face it head on. Yes, it’s major and it hurts, but the associated pain is different now. And finally, Amos. Amos was Charlie’s biggest obstacle in the beginning of this story. I’ve loved to see his journey through Charlie’s eyes. And for him to get his happy ending with Charlie would be enough, but for him to find out the truth of his past. This author will always find a way to put me in tears, and he certainly did it with Amos’ storyline in this book. I am beyond pleased with this story.

As for the series. My rating goes for it as well. Earthquake was a series of ups and downs, of tears and laughs that captured my heart from day one and kept me captivated to the very end. It’s a story of more than finding love. It’s a story of healing and starting over, of forgiveness and family, and of finding what we’re looking for even when we have no idea we’re looking. The entire series is a must read.

So yes, I loved this one, so much. I can’t say enough how wonderful it was. I highly recommend Terra Firma as well as the entire Earthquake series by T.A. Webb.

Note: Terra Firma is the fifth and final book in the Earthquake series by T.A. Webb. This series must be read in order.

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