There's Something About AriRating: 5 stars
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Length: Novella

L.B. Gregg has published a new novella, There’s Something About Ari, and every reason I have this author on auto-buy is suddenly valid and apparent to me, once again. Impeccable writing, humor infused story lines, characters that live and breathe and draw you in immediately, all these reasons and more make this author one of the best of the m/m genre today.

Buck Ellis has loved Ari Valentine all his life. But Ari is a mess. ADHD, living with a mother who is borderline crazy and living on just this side of the law, Ari is one disaster just waiting to happen. So, when Ari disappears their senior year in high school, Buck is devastated but not surprised. Then Buck has no time to even think about Ari, for his own mother dies, leaving an 18-year-old college freshman with a twelve-year-old brother and Buck’s life changes instantly.

Four years later, Ari has returned in a huge way. A Hollywood star, gorgeous, and all grown up, but as Buck quickly realizes, still the same eager little boy that he had fallen in love with all those years ago.

Short and sweet, this story captured me from the very beginning and held me captive to the end. With smart and funny dialogue, a gorgeously written main character whose worries and fears consumed him and made him the best big brother, the most responsible employee, and the loneliest of souls, There’s Something About Ari blazes onto the page and wraps you up in it’s sweet embrace. I was uncertain whom I loved most, Buck who carried the world on his shoulders and an unrequited love for Ari in his heart? Or was it Ari, who stormed across each page like a bright ray of light, fearless and wounded, but a survivor who has come home to throw himself at his childhood friend’s feet and hope that the love he has for Buck is reciprocated? With a dazzling group of secondary characters that somehow became so real in such a short amount of page time, I was hard put to find one element of this story I did not love.

And there you have it. I loved this novella. I was thrilled—am thrilled—that L.B. Gregg has given us another amazing little gem of a story that we can read again and again and never tire of meeting the fascinating people who pepper the pages of this marvelous tale. I highly recommend There’s Something About Ari to you. It is a five-star read that you will devour with real delight.

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