best 2014This week we are celebrating our favorite books of 2014.  Each day we will have another installment by a different reviewer. Today Jason is sharing his favorites with us!


Loving Jay by Renae Kaye
If you are looking for a book that will brighten your day, make you laugh uproariously, and tug on your emotional heartstrings, I highly recommend Loving Jay.

To Say I Love You (Another Way series) by Anna Martin
This was the third book in the series and all of them were well written and had great flow and pace, which made them a pleasure to read. The characters were all well formed, and the issues faced by Will and Jesse were reasonable considering their lifestyle and the challenges they have faced in the past. The Another Way series is a definite must read.

Every Inferno by Johanna Parkhurst
Every Inferno definitely exceeded my expectations for a young adult novel, and dealt with some pretty heavy subject matter while managing to stay away from being preachy or portraying overly angst ridden teens. I really felt for JJ and, at every point in his story, I was rooting for him to succeed and I am sure that you will feel the same way.

Hot Head by Damon Suede
Suede drew me into Dante and Griff’s lives and demonstrated the difficulties of a same-sex relationship when the guys work in a traditionally macho/hetero occupation like firefighters.

Heat rating: Off the charts. Two words: Extended activities. Two more words: Oh my.

Something Like Winter & Something Like Autumn by Jay Bell
Bell is seriously brilliant at re-telling a story from the opposite POV. Each time I read a Seasons book, I am given additional information about events and individuals that increase the detail and realism of the world we are visiting.

Hat Trick and Playing the Rebound (Hat Trick Series) by Jeff Adams
I really enjoyed the Hat Trick books, including the free short story Hat Trick Overtime, A Classic Winter’s Night. The story of Simon and Alex was compelling and well thought out, had good depth and characters that I could relate to, even if I am not a hockey fan.

Social Skills by Sara Alva
I was fortunate to have selected Social Skills for review.  I have found a new, fantastic author to follow, and an awesome new audiobook narrator to look for. I cannot give this audiobook a high enough recommendation, it was that good.

Under the Stars by Geoff Laughton
Under the Stars was another sweet YA story that I feel captured the joys and trials of not only young love, but of long-distance relationships and the power of first, and true love.

Work in Progress (Belladonna Arms Series) by John Inman
Inman used the Belladonna Arms as the perfect backdrop for his stories and treated us to a wonderful array of characters and stories. The beauty with this series is how Inman interweaves the lives of his characters, giving us a more in-depth look at their lives, hopes and dreams.

The Story of Fester Cat by Paul Magrs
I cried while reading the book, and I cried as I wrote the review, and I cried when I read my review. Just saying…

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