best 2014Every year we share our favorites of the year here at Joyfully Jay. This year we have a week of Favorites posts, one each day. To kick things off, here are Kris’ 2014 Favorites!


Trying to come up with my favorite books I’ve read over the last year is like asking me to pick a favorite yarn. Anyone who knows me know that just can’t happen. How can I pick just some of the many glorious books that I’ve read over the past twelve months? It’s impossible. There are so many ways to categorize the books I’ve read, and I read and love across all subgenres in the gay romance genre. I didn’t know how to choose.

After spending a long, arduous, agonizing time thinking, I decided to go with the books that I’ve read more than once, and in some cases multiple times, because they are just that good. In no particular order, my fourteen top reads from 2014 are:

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