An Angel in EyelinerRating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

It’s Christmas Eve and Mitch is looking forward to his favorite holiday and claims he looks forward to being alone. A noise outside alerts him to a man being mugged in the alley next to his bar. Mitch rescues Keller, a thin, tattooed, pierced man with icy blues eyes. Having been a military medic, Mitch insists on seeing to Keller’s injuries and invites the man inside. Mitch never expects that Keller may be the one to rescue him from his loneliness.

This is a well done holiday read. In a short amount of time we get brief back stories on both men and they both carry sadness with them. Keller has had a rough life but still remains positive and Mitch just keeps to himself these days. The story is told from Mitch’s view but the attraction between the two of them is evident. Mitch loves Christmas and his entire bar is completely decorated. Keller has a few brief, but kinda hysterical comments regarding this.

The conclusion Mitch jumps to didn’t really fit into how Keller is portrayed overall and seemingly adds just a minor conflict. The only thing that I would have liked is to see more of the men together, which just means it was a good story. Although there is a bit of sadness, overall it’s a comfort read with a bit of holiday magic.

This story is part of the Boughs of Evergreen: A Holiday Anthology but may be purchased on its own.

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