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Bayou Des Enfants is the fourth installment of the Rougaroux Social Club series by Lynn Lorenz and must be read in order.  That being said, this review contains spoilers, but honestly, go get the series, it is fantastic.

Scott and Ted have settled into a comfortable relationship. Ted’s art is selling well and he has just secured his first local PI job.  Scott’s mother is up to her old tricks, “praying” for grandchildren.  Then Wyatt, who had challenged Scott for Alpha status when he and Ted came out to the pack, and his wife Marie are killed in a traffic accident, leaving their two sons behind.

The youngest, Timmy, is loved by all but older boy, Charles, appears to be cut from the cloth as his father and no one wants to take on the challenge.  As Alpha, Scott takes responsibility for the boys even though Ted feels he is not ready, and the more Ted hears about the boys, the more concerned he becomes.

Ted feels like Scott’s insistence on being the top will relegate him to being the “woman” in the relationship.  As Scott and Ted try to navigate the first days with the boys, they have a breakthrough with Charles and slowly learn what they can and cannot do in a house occupied by two kids.  At the same time, Scott and Ted’s sex life takes an unexpected turn. This is definitely a time for change.

Soon, Scott and Ted come to realize that the boys have gotten under their skin and Timmy wants the Dupree-Canedo household to become his forever home.  When another family expresses an interest in taking Timmy but not Charles, Scott and Ted have to decide what will be best for them and the boys.

I like how Scott and Ted take on the parenting role. It is apparent that they are floundering, but the interactions between the kids, Charles in particular, feel authentic (holy patience batman) and the addition of some of Charles’ internal dialogue is a nice touch.  Scott and Ted are still figuring out the dynamic of their relationship when the boys come into their lives, and this emulates real life.  We don’t get to choose when things will happen, we just need to decide how we are going to deal with them.

One of the things that has always drawn me to Lorenz’s books is her skill at creating characters that we can relate to in one way or another.  The men of the Rougaroux Social Club have depth, are good, bad,, and indifferent, and so apart from the fact that they shift into werewolves, they feel real.  Scott and Ted have been a steady presence in the series, Scott as the Alpha and Ted as his mate and I have truly enjoyed watching them learn and grow from book to book.

Lorenz has done a great job with the world building and has maintained and built on St. Jerome, maintaining consistency and an authentic feel for the geography of the area.  Add to that an outstanding cast of secondary characters, like Scott’s mom, best friend, and other members of the pack, and you have a recipe for success.

I love this series, I love these guys, I love this book and the many different challenges that are thrown at Scott and Ted.  I also like the fact that there are no easy answers other than my recommendation to buy this book, or if this is your first exposure to the Rougaroux Social Club, to buy the series. You won’t be disappointed.

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