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At the age of twenty, Slade Wolfgang has no choice anymore. Kicked out of his house for being gay, his path took him to Las Vegas and into the world of prostitution where he is now ruled by his pimp, Julio. With no way to be free of Julio, Slade’s life becomes increasingly more dangerous when word gets out that Julio intends to sell Slade as a sex slave overseas.

While patrolling the Strip, policeman Parker encounters Slade on the run and something in Slade calls to Parker. Parker becomes increasingly concerned when there is a string of prostitutes murdered. When Parker saves Slade from a life threatening beating, their relationship grows and Parker will do anything to keep Slade safe. As Slade physically heals from the beating, he is convinced he is not worthy of someone like Parker. And, Julio is still out there and he’s still looking for Slade.

This book is the second in the Sin City Uniforms series. It can be read as a stand alone as the MCs from the first book are only briefly mentioned here.

I am really liking this series, the characters Knight has created, and the setting of the Las Vegas Strip. Slade appears on page and instantly you want to know all about him and see him break free from the life he is practically imprisoned in. He has no way out, has nothing to even dream about anymore, until he meets Parker. But dreaming about being with someone like Parker is not even a luxury he should allow himself to have. Parker is just a regular guy. He works hard and would just love to find someone to share his life with.

The story moves fast in the sense that it is a here and now kind of story. We get some background on both Parker and Slade, but the story is mostly about their current lives and the situation at hand. There are areas dealing with prostitution, beatings, and human trafficking, but nothing goes too far and it is not an overly graphic type of story. The undercover work is discussed, although maybe a little too brief on how it all shakes out, but it’s concise and offers enough for closure. The secondary characters are dynamic and advance the story, while not overstaying their welcome.

As with many of Knight’s stories, the intimate times are smoking and we see Parker and Slade explore new roles in the bedroom. Parker is not at all concerned with Slade having been a prostitute from an intimate stand point and it really just works here for this story.

Parker and Slade just have great chemistry with each other and that transfers off of the page. Even given the subject matter, the story is not overly angst filled and it all just works for me. There will be more books to come in this series that will be set on the Las Vegas Strip and I will be looking forward to more of the men in Sin City Uniforms.

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