Graphic IntentionsRating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Short Story

Scott has serious writer’s block. Hard at work on his next graphic novel, he lacks inspiration. Seeing Derek at a local restaurant sets Scott’s muse on fire. There is something about the man that sparks more than just a creative interest. Derek is not looking for a relationship, as he thinks he is not worthy of being truly happy. He is intrigued by Scott’s drawings, however, and equally intrigued with the man himself.

Both men are scarred physically and emotionally. Both men think the other is straight and neither acts on their attraction until Scott is outed to Derek by a homophobic neighbor. Their reaction to each other is hot and intense, but both men are haunted by pasts that they just may not be able to overcome.

This is a great short story that packs some erotic scenes along with some depth on the issues the men are dealing with. Scott and Derek are visual and well drawn from the start. They are both lonely and really only have their work to keep them occupied. It’s offered right up front that they both have physical scars and Scott is open to Derek really quickly, although the specific details do take a bit longer to emerge.

The guys are so hot for each other right away and the attraction and longing, seriously, just rolls off of these guys when they are together. Once they get it clear that they are both into each other, all bets are off so to speak and they have one hot night together. The connection fires Scott’s writing up again, but he is not so good with the emotional side of things. His abrupt behavior is somewhat difficult to reconcile at first given the night the men share. I did question the number of years that Scott has been on painkillers as it seems like a really long time. The issues the men are dealing with are real and serious and they do not feel they deserve to be happy. They spend a good portion of their time in the dark. Their experiences bind them together and sometimes it’s not about being able to find the light, but having someone to share the darkness with.

This is a well written, worthwhile short that packs holy heat along with finding a way to keep your head above water.

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