Kian's HunterRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Kian ap Rhys crossed from his world to the human world, breaking all the rules and knowing he could never go home again, with vengeance on his mind.  Tracking a Danio that stole his uncle’s Fire, Kian is bent on revenge.  But he also knows his intended bondmate, his hunter, is in the human world and they are destined to be together.  Not only will their combined power defeat the Danio, but they will make each other stronger.

Regan Campbell has fought Demons his entire life, dispatching them so they can no longer feed on innocent people.  His instincts are finely honed and he knows the instant he meets Kian that something is off about the other man.  Despite that, he’s skeptical when Kian starts spinning the tale of what is going on and about the Other World.  It takes Regan time to realize that Kian is telling him the truth.  And when he sees their combined power in action, he’s willing to take that leap.  But Kian sends him away, and Regan’s just angry enough to leave.

But an incessant pull and worry brings Regan back to Kian’s side.  Though Regan doesn’t understand everything that is going on, he knows he’s drawn to Kian and that without him, Kian will die.  Now the question is whether or not they are really meant for each other, or if the craving for Kian’s Fire, their connection, is what is drawing Regan in.

Oh, the world building in this book just sucked me in and kept my attention throughout.  Scott does a really great job of creating a world, giving us the information we need, and making us believe.  I was drawn into the parallel world storyline, loving the way it’s presented and the Fire that lights everyone, whether it’s a physical manifestation or not, and how everything is connected.  Couple that with two engaging MCs and I really enjoyed this book.

One of the things I really loved about this book was that we only spend time with our two MCs.  There’s no extraneous secondary characters here, and for this story, it worked perfectly.  The plot lends itself to being with just these two guys, and it was to its benefit that there was no one else to muck up the works.  Not to say that we didn’t get a taste of other characters, because we did.  But the focus was solely on these two men, their mission, and their bond.

It was Kian who pulled at my heart the most.  Knowing he was doing what he did because he felt it was the right thing to do, even though it was breaking all the rules of his home, made him endear himself to me.  I really liked being in his head and I felt that we got to know him very well.  His longing was a palpable thing.

Regan was also an enjoyable character.  For his part, I loved his determination and his steadfastness.  I had a little bit of trouble with his about face when he went back to Kian, though.  Underneath his somewhat gruff exterior, he has a caring heart.  And I knew he was concerned for Kian and wanted to check on him. For me, though, I needed just a little bit more to make that jump with him to love.  It still seemed a little bit like he was throwing everything out and just accepting too quickly. But the bond between the two characters made that a little easier to accept.

This is the first in a trilogy, and Scott does a really great job of giving us a complete story while also dropping in hints about what will come next.  We get glimpses of the one of the main characters from the next book, and I can’t wait to see where Scott takes this.  Kian’s Hunter was a fantastic start, and I really enjoyed this book.

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