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Length: Short Story

After ending a bad relationship that left him with little self esteem, Jason plans to take it slow in any kind of new relationship. His plan comes to a halt when his eyes lock with the sexy lead singer on stage at the club.

Zeke, his friends call him Z, is a rocker on the rise. He is talented, sensual, and on the verge of a big break for his career. His lifestyle does not leave time for a serious commitment, but Jason pushes all of his buttons. The men know they should just enjoy the one night they have together before Z has to leave for six weeks, but the men feel so much and are falling in love before the night is through.

For a short story, there is a lot to say on this one. This story had a few things going for it. There was a good looking guy with long hair, a rocker, and an all night sexual escapade. This story was extremely entertaining to read, although perhaps not for all the reasons intended. The story is basically one long erotic scene. After one brief conversation, where two men who say they are guarded spill all kind of details and tell each other how special they think the other is, they are undressing each other backstage. It borders on being unrealistic. When their backstage romp is interrupted, they meet up the next night and spend the rest of the story in bed. Okay, two hot guys, one’s a rocker, exploring each other all night, let’s go. It’s the dialogue, at times awkward, clinical, and unrealistic that is much of the issue.

The guys are all over each other, but as they get started and maneuver, we get lines like, “Baby, I’ll wait, but you’d be much more comfortable without the widest part at the start of your entrance.”

As they finish we are told, “The sticky gift from Z’s orgasm laid waiting.”

When they go again Jason is, “Spreading Z’s cheeks firmly apart, he allowed his tongue to at last taste the nectar of the orifice once again.”

And when they are falling completely in everlasting, I will wait for you while you are on the road kind of love, within just a few hours of meeting, we hear, “…I’ve never felt this way before. I’ll wait for you. Hell, right now I feel I’d die for you if you asked me.”

And, perhaps my personal favorite: “Lead the way. Show me more of this love you talk about…. You do the same, baby. Frot with me.” Instead of being immersed in what these guys are doing to each other I am thinking about grammar and the awkward use of “frot” as an active verb. The entire story reads in a similar manner.

It is the start of a new series and when I saw the three words, “To be continued,” dammit if I didn’t want to know what happened with these guys in spite of all of this.

This story could have been a hot, erotic short story between two hot guys who are all over each other. They were selling everlasting love in a matter of hours and I had a hard time buying into it. The awkward and sometimes clinical phrasing of them exploring each other pulled me out of the story many times. One last observation on the cover. This is the second recent release I have seen with not only the same photo on the cover, but with the exact same layout.

There are a lot of erotic short stories out there and, while the characters do become memorable for a variety of reasons, overall, it would not be the first erotic short I would recommend.

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