RivalsRating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Short Story

Playing hockey in college has kept Mitchell from coming home for Thanksgiving for the last four years. Now living in California, he finally returns home to Detroit for the holiday. When Mitchell and his brother take to the ice on Thanksgiving morning, Mitchell is shocked to run into Alex. Alex and Mitchell played on rival hockey teams and Mitchell has never forgotten the struggle to get through face-offs when he was paired up against his high school crush, Alex.

When Alex asks Mitchell out for coffee, Mitchell is unsure if it is just to catch up or if possibly all of his long harbored wishes will be coming true during the magic of the holiday season.

Short, sweet, and to the point is this well written and brief story. We get caught up quickly with Mitchell and see how Alex fueled many of his high school fantasies. He is trying to figure out exactly what having coffee with Alex means. Since the guys did already know each other, there is a foundation to start with and although they are attracted to each other, a stronger friendship grows as well. Although this short story may not be one that stays with me, the guys work well together, the writing is solid, it is enjoyable to read, and there is just a touch of getting exactly what you want during the holiday season.

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